“Light” dinner conversation

Annabella: Dudes, my friends said that Michael Jackson had lots of plastic surgery to turn his skin from dark to light!

She says “dudes” and “peeps” a lot lately…she’s also waaay behind on the news…but she does a marvelous rendition of MJ doing the crotch grab…we’re so, so proud.

Zeenee: (rolls eyes) Geez An, you’re really up on the latest.

My Mom: Why was his skin dark before?

Me: Because he’s black Mom. Remember when he was in the Jackson Five?

My Mom: No. I didn’t know he was black? His sister never looked dark skinned to me.

Me: Who? Janet?

My Mom: No. Marie.

Me: Marie Osmond Mom?

My Mom: Yes. She always had such fair skin.



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  1. LOL!!! is your mom blonde???? totally hilarious!!

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