Goodbye Old Friend

Cubby 1992-2006

My Dad had to take Miss Cubby to the vet today to put her to rest. She was 14 years old and her poor body had finally given up on her. Her back legs were so bad she couldn’t stand up straight on them for more than about a minute without them buckling underneath her. She fell down the porch stairs on Sunday and CB had to lift her back up to the house…he said she was as light as a feather. She had gone deaf and blind. This picture is from better days, when she actually had meat on her bones and a sparkle in her eyes. Because my parents live in the same house as us, my kids have grown up with Cubby. She is the only dog they have ever known and loved…it has been hard on them, I can tell.

Budgie has had the worst time understanding the process. My Dad warned them yesterday that he’d be taking Cubby to the vets today. We shouldn’t have told Budgie that she was “being put to sleep”. When I asked him yesterday if he would be sad when Cubby went away to the vets, he said no. He thought they were putting her into a deep sleep and repairing her broken body. I could see the shock and hurt in his eyes when I explained what would really be happening…that Cubby wouldn’t be coming home again. He also asked if he needed to write a speech for Cubby’s funeral and if we could bury her next to Terry Fox’s grave up at the cemetery. If it could be that way, I would have made it so.

When his substitute teacher asked them to rate how they were feeling out of a scale of 1 to 10 today, Budgie told her he was feeling like a zero…his Grandad was taking his dog to die today. The old bat told him not to worry, he could always get another dog. Why would you say that to a kid?

The house already feels emptier. I guess there won’t be anymore black hair to sweep up…no more clumps “big enough to knit a new dog with” in the vacuum canister…no more poop to clean up off the yard. There were also no brown eyes watching out the front window for me when I drove up today after work…no animal waiting behind the front door to get clomped in the head when I swung it open (she was cute, but she was no Einstein!) That dog could tell time though. At 4:30 on the dot every weekday, she would get up and go watch out the window to wait for my Dad to come home from work…she just knew.

Goodbye my Sweet Cubby…Chubb Chubbs…Cubington Bear. I love you more than cheese…


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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. Your Cubby looked a lot like our Napoleon. I bet she was a sweetie. Hug your kids.

  2. I’m sorry to hear it–and that teacher is an old bat, you’re right. It’s hard for kids to go through the death of a pet. When our cat had to be put to sleep, I got this book for the Bee, which I highly recommend–The Tenth Good Thing About Barney. It’s about a boy losing his cat, but I think it could crossover for a dog too.

  3. I am sorry about the dog. that is rough and the teacher….well the teacher….that is aweful!!
    hope budgie feels better soon and the whole family!

  4. Oh Vyk, So sorry to hear about Cubby. She was such a sweet and loving dog. Hug Budgie for me and tell him I’m sad too. Oh and when I’m there….for every one’s sake, please, please don’t introduce me to his teacher. Love ya, MIL

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