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Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for G-mail. To my hilarious friend DottyNana, G-Mail is Google’s version of Hotmail. I know it sounds kinky…ooo baby, G-mail…that’s the spot…but, unfortunately, it’s much tamer than that. I like to think of it as Google’s answer to butt floss…but really, it’s more of a “granny panties wearing” kind of program…big, basic, boring….but necessary! Anybody who is anybody has G-mail and now I do too!

Thanks especially to Laura who responded first to my desperation and quickly sent off an invitation to nirvana. (and thanks also to my lovely CHSIL or BIL who sent one also and to Jon…not sure who you are, but so grateful you’re reading and took the time). I’ll have to see how it all works later…

…but right now I have to pee…and go home.

(more on my weekend trip and my failure to write for ten minutes a day, even though I only decided to do that last week and I’m too lame to actually follow through with it for more than three days…later)

Oh yeah…I’m now procrastamom AT gmail DOT com…e-mail me!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 22 minutes…I was supposed to leave 8 minutes ago! (I’m such a work-a-holic)

Laundry List: I have to pee to badly to think about it right now…gaaaa!


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  1. Sheesh…my daughter has a gmail email addy…and my son-in-law… and a ton of other friends.

    But, um…does one need a formal invitation to get a gmail account?

    Still dazed and confused in L.A.


  2. ok I am lost because I don’t know what gmail is either???

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