And now my gullet is full because of that little red-headed girl with pigtails (or…in which I blame corporate characatures for my large butt)

I drove to Wendy’s (can you tell that there are NO OTHER food establishments around my work? Whenever I blog about lunch, that chick’s name comes up!) at lunch today and ordered a Classic Single with cheese, fries, coke and a medium frosty. I ate the whole thing (except the Frosty, which I will eat at 3:00 when Louise goes home and there’s nobody in this part of the office to hear me scarfing) behind my cubicle wall in an act of shameless desperation (I am Ziggy Piggy, hear me snort). Thank goodness for my blog…my confessional. I feel better now…wait, no…I feel bloated.

So…good luck to me with the scales tomorrow night. Looks like they’ll be going up, up, up in my part of the world. Unless I can convince my tired butt to head to the gym tonight for one last grasp at weight-loss for the week. I stayed out late last night at a Guiding function (area annual meeting), which is, I’m sure, why I felt the need for a sugar/fat burst at lunch. I also ate my weight in appies and dessert last night at the function, so I’m hoping the Weight Watchers scale can handle my 800 pound mass! Gaa! Weight loss…why do you elude me so? Oh wait, the grossly-excessive eating…of course (*lightbulb moment*).

There’s nothing like a Guiding meeting, complete with all of my good friends and good food, to get me all renewed and refreshed about Girl Guides. I started planning all sorts of program stuff in my head this morning and have sent off about 30 emails to my fellow Guiders (“we should consider this” “when should we schedule this for?” “I’ll volunteer to do that”) – should probably have been working at my JOB instead of Guiding at my JOB, but meh…whatevah. All of this initial thinking will be good while it lasts…before Procrastamom takes over again and I’m left packing and planning for District Camp on the Friday morning that I’m supposed to leave! (mother’s day weekend in may) Wonder what kind of craft I’ll concoct for 180 girls in the five minutes I manage to spare a thought to it?

I noticed a funny cartoon in the Reader’s Digest I was scanning over lunch (behind my cubicle and in front of a cheeseburger). It’s a picture of a guy with a starting gun at the beginning gate of a race. He’s the only one there…because the race banner says….

“Run to Raise Awareness for Chronic Procrastination”

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 38 minutes…and 8 minutes til Louise goes home, leaving me to my sweet Frosty.

Laundry List: Hopefully sweaty, smelly gym clothes.


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  1. I love WEndys— it is my favorite fast food. just thought you might like to know that. HA!

  2. LOL…. I totally get the scarfing!!! my parents brought one of those HUGE sheets of black forest cake over for Easter dinner……ya guess what I been scarfing all week??!! I have no will power!!! glad I am not alone!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your Frosty! The cartoon sounded very funny, too.

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