I don’t know what to do. Friday, I was going to write this wonderful post about how much I really like my job. I mean, if I have to work (which I definately don’t WANT to – anywhere, for any amount of money – I WANT to be a SAHM. But…I want to live in a house, with electricity and running water and shoes for my kids…so I work) this isn’t a bad place to be. My benefits are great. I haven’t paid more than $50.00 for dental work since January and I’ve had two crowns done this year (they’re regularly $900/each). All of our prescriptions are fully covered and Budgie’s glasses cost us nothing. So that’s a good thing right? Also – and I was thiking about this Friday because they let me work from 7-3 instead of 8-4 so I could go and see Anabella run in an inter-school relay around a local lake – they are very flexible with my hours. If I have an appointment or want to take a vacation day on the fly, they never say no to me changing my schedule around. They let me take every second friday off. Granted, they don’t pay me for time off (who would?), but to me time off to spend with my kids is more important than money sometimes…and Lord knows there will never be enough money…or enough chocolate…but, uhmmm…where was I?

Anyways, today at lunch my boss tells me that they decided on Friday (I wasn’t in the office on Friday) that I would be changing roles as of next week. Seems they would like me to become the full-time payroll person. Right now I do half of the accounts payable function in the office as it’s a giant job. We pay out a couple million a month to our suppliers, so I take on half the responsibility of that and another girl does the second half. I like it and I think I’m very good at it. As for payroll, I’ve only trained on it a few times two years ago and did okay at it, I guess. The girl who is doing it now is swamped under with Accounts Receivable AND Payroll and needs to let something go. She hasn’t taken a vacation in five years because no-one has learned her job well enough to fill in for her (although, if you ask me, she’s being a kind of martyr about the whole thing. I would have just told the bosses five years ago that I was taking my two weeks a year and to find someone to fill in for me. I’m not that dedicated to this place…but that’s just me). I won’t be expected to take on the payroll position in addition to a/p. Someone else will be taking on my role and I’ll be exclusively payroll, WCB and anything else they can throw at me in the course of a week.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this yet as I just got the news less than two hours ago. I have looked on Monster.ca for another job…so maybe I’m a little angry/spiteful/insane about it? Not sure. I think it’s sort of sinking in that they didn’t ASK ME if I wanted the position. They told me that this is what I will be doing from now on.

…oh, and of course this transition doesn’t involve a raise.

What to do. What to do. What would your reaction be?

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 2 hours, 1 minute

Laundry List: soccer socks, field hockey socks, uniforms, gardening gloves…the wheather is GORGEOUS here, finally! The girls had sports on the weekend. Zeenee had a field hockey game (lost 2-1) and Anabella tried out for the select soccer team that starts in September. Standing out in the sunshine watching your kids play sports is thoroughly enjoyable…in comparison to skulking under an umbrella.


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  1. Hmm, I’d be looking for new jobs too. That is pretty disrespectful–not that they want you to change what you’re doing, but that they told you in that way, about a decision they made on your day off. I’d at least go in and talk to my boss about it, but my boss and I have that kind of relationship–ymmv.

  2. My reaction would be the same, especially if I was already happy with what I was doing! Want my job?

  3. That depends Heather. Do you get paid $150,000 a year, plus clothing and car allowance to surf blogs all day?

    …cause then. I want your job:)

  4. I think I’d be ticked, too, that they didn’t ask me first. On the other hand, if you’re like me, you’re a little worried you may not find such flexible folks to work for next time ’round (as far as the vaca days and such). That’s precisely why I stay at my job, which has all but ceased to inspire me mentally. It’s the extras.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. that’s a tough one….benefits and flexibility are great!!! but respect is pretty huge too and if they don’t have enough of it to talk to you about it….i.e. “ASK” you….then I don’t know tough call. I understand why you were upset.

  6. I would ask for another meeting to be held where you could discuss this ‘parallel move’ and how it would change the essence of what your job is now (you know, time off, flexibility, etc). I would also want to know what the martyr’s pay was…the one whose job you’ll be taking.

    I would also ask if they have considered perhaps hiring or getting another employee to perhaps dedicate 5 hrs per week or whatever is needed to be your assistant since the last person in this position didn’t seem to have enough time to take a holiday.

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