April 27th was…

It was my birthday last Thursday. I turned 34. Or 29 plus 5. Or one year short of 35 (eeeeep!). Anyways, it was my birthday on Thursday and not much happened. We had chicken fingers and fries for dinner. And cinnamon buns from Cinnzeo for dessert. Yes, we really know how to celebrate in the D2bH household. Oh yeah. Also? My brother forgot my birthday. No biggie really. After all, I wasn’t really paying enough attention to even notice that he forgot. Hell, I wanted to forget!

I guess he was feeling really bad about not calling me on Thursday, so when we went over to my brother’s house on Saturday night for poker, Ivan and Debbie had cake and presents waiting for me (huzzah!). Our friend Brandy works at Safeway and on Saturday during her shift she bought a cake that had been ordered, but never picked up for five bucks. The top of the cake originally said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS”, so she bought a tube of matching icing and was going to remove “Chris” and replace it with “Vicky”. Ivan got ahold of the cake as soon as she brought it in the house and changed it himself. After his revisions, this is what my cake read (you can totally tell that we grew up in the same household and inherited the same idiotic sense of humour):


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