Warning! Do Not Gamble And Blog…it takes a heck of a long time to finish!

So, uhm…sorry about my last post. I can really be a whiner when I want to be eh? (That’s Canadian if you weren’t sure…eh…yeah, we like say it all the time…eh? Except we don’t.) I got EIGHT comments out of it so…I’m pretty much set for the next year! (I. am. pathetic…and cheap) Nobody had anything really nasty to say though…I guess I’ll have to challenge you harder. Here, how’s this? (controversial confessions forthcoming):

  • I didn’t breastfeed any of my children for more than a week each (and none of them have since grown horns…except for Budgie…who thought he was growing some when my brother told him you grow horns when you pick your nose).

  • I used the “cry-it-out” method to get my children to sleep through the night (they have had no apparent rejection issues…except for the part where they refer to me as Mrs. D2bH)…it worked, but only in Zeenee’s case…she slept 12 hours a night from two weeks old…the other two tortured me for years!

  • I’ve had all my children vaccinated, I don’t believe in the “family bed” (for us…not you), I give my kids candy…and pop (caffeine!), they watch television, I let them use the INTERNET! (will the madness never stop?!!)

There…now you can hate me just a little. Those hateful comments are a-brewing, I can feel it!


A few of you have commented on my new blog-skin. I LOVE IT!!! It’s designed by one of my favouritest (it’s a word…I said so!) bloggers, Miss Zoot. She is a mega-talented designer and she actually has a few designs you can download for free…but I’m totally going to use the donate button on her site and give her some moola for this design, because damn it’s gorgeous! I was actually going to give her my firstborn, but I couldn’t fit Zeenee through the monitor…her shoulders are too wide.

The only problem I’m having is with the main part of the posts being pushed down below the sidebar…is that what you’re seeing too? I have tried looking at it on Cheap Bastard’s 2000 inch monitor (he gets all the best stuff…*sulk*) and it still looks like that to me. Does anyone know HTML? What part of the template would I look in to change the margins?


I’m playing poker and blogging at the same time right now…I just took this guy out who looks like Steve Zahn. I feel really bad. I love Steve Zahn 😦

Speaking of him, we watched Chicken Little last night with the kids…and laughed our pants off! Steve Zahn played the pig named Runt…h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!! I love kids movies that have as many jokes for the parents as they do for the little ones.

The only thing is my 4 year old nephew, D, calls it “Chicken Noodle”…so, of course I can’t see the title of the movie and think anything else other than “there’s that movie…Chicken Noodle!”


Number Four (this post is going everywhere!). I lost TWO MORE POUNDS this week! And soon I will disappear altogether. Okay, that will take a few months years, but I’ll get there…then I will change my name to “Invisi-Mom” (and I will finally rule the world! mwah, ha, ha, ha!)


And finally, I have had to restrain myself from going all “pageant mom” on Bella who is trying out for the select soccer team this weekend. She was asked to come back to the invitation only try-outs today and tomorrow, so we’re quite proud of her progress so far. All the parents were instructed by the coaches though to keep our mouths SHUT and not coach our kids from the sidelines whilst they were trying out. Can I just express how truly hard that is? Soccer Moms? Anyone tried this? Anyone?

I am, by nature, a yeller. When I think my daughter is slacking off a little…I yell at her (okay I suggest nicely…in a loud voice) to run! Or get in the play! Or drink some water, you’re looking tired! Which I was not permitted to do today.

At last week’s tryouts (which were general and not invitation only) I passed a Mom who was spouting some crap to the tune of “I can’t believe how everyone here thinks their princess should be on the select team.” And I thought, “well you’re here, so you obviously think your princess has a chance…just like the rest of us.” Funny, I didn’t see her or her daughter there today…

…princesses these days!


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  1. ya your post is way down. Mine just did this again too but with my side bar being at the very bottom….I don’t get it??

    ummmm still can’t get nasty cuz it’s just not my nature you see…

    but I don’t vaccinate. I did breastfeed (the youngest for 21 months), and I am a beliover in the “family bed”!!! so complete opposite! but I still like ya!!

    I just can’t get nasty! sorry eh!!!

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