Look! I am Super. Look! I am Hero.

Procrasta-Mom is an official Super Hero people! Here. I’ll prove it. I got my own trading card! Seriously. People are flocking by the hundreds to aquire one of these rare gems:

I got the idea from Mary Tsao over at Mom Writes (one of my “must reads” every day). She can guide you through the process here. Go over and make your own card now…then we can like, go over by the bike racks at recess and trade.

The blogger who started this (you can find out about her on Mary’s blog…too lazy and too “pretending to work” right now to link) is aiming to get 100 Moms to make a trading card by Mother’s Day. Well, it’s Friday already, so get on over there and help make the dream a reality (Zowee! I should be in marketing. So very original).

Consider this. I am Procrasta-Mom…and I did it a FULL THREE DAYS before the deadline. Score! Winna! I am da best! (thumb and forefinger poised on forehead…l-ooo-ooo-zaa!)

Now, if only Procrasta-Mom could do other things before the deadline. Like, oh, I don’t know…get ready for camp on time (it’s this weekend. Read, tonight! And are the crafts ready? Kinda. And are my clothes packed? Kinda. And am I leaving at 4:30 as soon as a I get home? Kinda.).

Or buy a birthday present for her nephew (Beans is 2 this weekend. Am taking a trip to Toys R Us at lunchtime…cause I won’t be here for the party and Cheap Bastard couldn’t shop for it…Oh no, no he couldn’t. What to buy a two year old? He had no idea. Anything plastic and shiny I told him…as he gave me the blank stare).

Or, oh, I don’t know…do some actual work at her job…

…bah! I’ve got all day…

Time until I’m back with my family: 5 hours, 20 minutes – then off to camp!

Laundry list: I hope I don’t accidentally wash my pants with my rare trading card in the pocket…


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  1. Wow, will we be able to sell it on eBay in 20 years?

    ‘anything plastic & shiny’ Hee! I see you’ve shopped for a two-year-old before!

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