Envy Me…I am an HTML GENIUS!!!

LOOK!!! You are now reading this post from the top of the page! You are no longer forced to scroll down to the dungeons of D2bH…only to find out that, no she hasn’t posted anything new lately.

LOOK!! On the sidebar! I now live in British Columbia.
Not British -space-space-space-space- Columbia.

Even though I am now an official “HTML Genius” (I just ordered the t-shirt!), I thought it tacky to run around the office in a victory lap, pumping my fists in the air…Rocky theme song playing loudly in the background. Da na na. Da na na. Na na na, na na na. Da na na na na na. NA, NA!!

…so I did it back here behind my cubicle walls!


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  1. Congratulations! It looks great.

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