Stolen from Miss Zoot (designer of beautiful blog templates…example: mine) who stole it from Pam who took it from Amber…and I told two friends and she told two friends and so on and so on…

I AM: mind-numbingly tired this week.

I SAID: I would be a Guide Leader again in the fall, but now I’m having second thoughts. Not sure if I love it all that much anymore. I need to really think on this.

I WANT: a lilac purple Coach handbag I saw on ebay yesterday (this one is similar). Damn you Amalah – Queen of handbags – for bringing to my attention such outlandish luxuries! If I even had the $348 U.S. dollars to spend on such a beautiful thing, my husband would taunt and laugh at me EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY for the rest of my life…for spending that kind of money…on a purse!

I WISH: I had $348 US dollars…(I could live with the constant torment from Cheap Bastard)

I HATE: cauliflower…and all of his vile friends…brocolli, wax beans, brussel sprouts…I have tried to eat it, but…shudder

I MISS: this really good friend Cheap Bastard and I had in Calgary. We spent a lot of time with him through high school and afterwards…but just before we moved to BC he stopped talking to us…and we’ve never been sure why. (Shane Jordan…if you’re ever Googling your own name and run accross this…Vicky & Richard miss you very much. We thought about calling last year when we were in town, but feared the rejection. If you feel like it, email us: procrastamom AT gmail DOT com)

I FEAR: this the most.

I HEAR: the same set of songs on this radio station at work every day…would it kill them to mix it up a little?

I WONDER: what we should do this weekend? Zeenee is going to Whistler with her best friend’s family. We’re not going camping…we may never go again on the May Long Weekend. I want to go on a hike or a picnic…maybe find a new waterfall that we’ve never explored.

I REGRET: not finishing my college diploma program. If I’d finished it I’d most likely be working as a Legal Secretary in a senior position by now. Instead, I’ve always been afraid to even apply for any position with a law firm. It’s a vicious circle…I don’t have experience, so I won’t get the job…I won’t get the experience, cause I don’t have the job.

I AM NOT: liking this new payroll job (the commies won. Thusly I was forced into this role against my will. Damn you commies!). It’s boring and tedious and there’s nothing for me to do in between. Therefore, I do here-to-fore and there-to-when proclaim that I will take no responsibility for the indecent amount of blog-surfing I am doing here at work! Take that commies!

I DANCE: in the kitchen to make my children laugh. I do an over the top version of the dying swan…complete with 9 or 10 separate and excessive death scenes! Did you know swans can die from being impaled by a spatula disguised under an oven mitt?

I SING: loudly in the car on the way to work. But I stop and try to look normal if I catch somebody looking at me.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy about having to go to work. Ha, ha! I crack me up. I’m NEVER happy about having to go to work.

I MADE: myself my fourth cup of tea for the day…and it’s only 11:30.

I WRITE: blog posts in my head, especially when I’m in the bathroom and I have nothing better to think about (thank you Vicky, now we’re all wretching just a little from the pictures you have just implanted in our heads)…but by the time I sit down to write them, that prose has flown the coop that is my brain and you get some badly written abridged version or no post at all.

I CONFUSE: my kids names all the time, especially when I’m yelling at them. I usually get frustrated and it comes out like this: “Budgie, no Zeenee, I mean Bella! Whatever-the-hell your name is, get over here!”

I NEED: new bras. On one of my bras the underwire broke in half and that piece of wire fell out…now when I walk around I have one perky boob and one squishy flat boob. I have exactly one bra that keeps me perky on both sides.

I SHOULD: be thinking about how to get $50 for new bras instead of how to get $348 for a purse.

I START: too many things that I know I won’t finish.

I FINISH: almost nothing.

I BELIEVE: I’m getting really hungry. Yup, that was indeed my tummy rumbling just a second ago.

I KNOW: I should drink more water than I do. It’s the hardest part of my diet to conform to.

I CAN: roll my eyes around really fast in their sockets. Sadly, it’s my only talent.

I CAN’T: believe how long this list is. I’m going to lunch.

(…and now I’m back)

I SEE: that I don’t have too much time left in this workday. And then I have a four-day weekend to look forward to. Score!

I BLOG: infrequently…

I READ: a lot in the summer. I don’t find I have time during the rest of the year.

I AM AROUSED BY: hot, muscle-bound, handsome men chocolate.

IT PISSES ME OFF: when someone eats the last piece of chocolate.

I FIND: I’m feeling better and better about my body as the weight comes off.

I LIKE: taking naps on our trampoline.

I LOVE: Cheap Bastard, Zeenee, Bella and Budgie…more than cheese!

Time until I’m back with my family: 3 hours, 9 minutes

Laundry List: perky bra, oven mitt


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  1. omigosh….that is too funny….I think I must be your biggest fan!!! you’re freakin hillarious!!!!

    ok pull it together here…..whew….nope got to laugh…love the bra one!!! LMAO….that is totally me…the last bras I bought were at Fields….yup thought they were all closed down but in my little hick town 1 still survived…..they were $5/each…. and one broke the 2nd time I wore it and the other one is just barely hanging on…hahahaa excuse the pun!!!! and I ALWAYS get the kids confused…and say the same thing….and singing in the car is my all time not so secret pleasure!!! I get 4 little sets of ears all for my performing pleasure!!! and I stop too when I see someone looking at me but one of these days I am going to look at them and give them all I got….yup one of these days I am going to do it!!!

    oh and yea for figuring out your html!!! woot woot!!

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