Because I’m all about stomping on the last remaining particles of my minute self-esteem

Go here. Try this out for yourself.

Then you can also get an accurate picture of what you really look like on the beach, wearing a swimsuit…on a REALLY GOOD hair day…and your skin is glowing and perfectly tinted…

…but as for the rest of you, you want to run and hide under a very large beach towel, so you can read a sleazy romance novel while sipping on a Coke and scarfing down Doritos!

(or is it just me that does that?)


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  1. ok technology is starting to freak me out… thing you know we will saying “beam me up Scottie” into our cell phones!!!

  2. Well thanks! That was truly scary. And the sad thing is, I KNOW my virtual model looks better than I do. Even though it ballooned up to the proper size, there were no fat rolls, veiny legs, cellulite, or stretch marks on it. Sigh.

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