120 Months, 5 hours, 33 minutes

Ten years ago today, at exactly 4:06 pm, I became the mother of two little girls. Before this, I was simply the mother of one…one sweet 4 1/2 year old cherub, who up to this point, had been the only grandchild on either side of the family. So spoiled was she, that princesses from small countries sent their servants to steal her secrets…but alas, they never did acquire them (for she is just as spoiled today as ever).

Arriving at the hospital early that Thursday morning and scheduled to be induced (Miss 13 Days Late, thank you very much!), we had no idea if our family would be joined by a male version of our species or a female version. The doctor broke my water around 9:00 a.m. and the contractions started coming just after lunch. To pass the time and speed up the process, Cheap Bastard and I paced the hallways of Rockyview Hospital in Calgary dreaming up new and creative names for our charge. We already knew that a son would be called Budgie (thanks to Uncle Budgie in Quebec, Cheap Bastard’s best friend), for we had had that name picked for a boy before Zeenee was born. We had also picked out a suitable and unusual name for a girl. Unusual because it is a name commonly used for a boy…although a famous actress is blessed with the same moniker. We just went through the motions of suggesting outlandish titles to pass the time (and the contractions. Oh, stop a minute, that one was a doozie…yowza!) Names ranged from Hamilton to MacKenzie to Homer for a boy to Alexei to Suburbia to Boston for a girl…and back to Budgie or Anabella for keepers. Whichever kind we got, we had a name ready.

Anabella Madison D2bH was born at 4:06 p.m. on May 23rd, 1996 weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. My Mom had the priviledge of being in the room with us to see the birth and she got to cut the umbilical cord of her second grandaughter…a story she will tell to anyone who will listen…still to this day…just ask the cashier at Safeway!
(I can’t get into CB’s computer to get some better pictures cause he reformatted his computer this weekend and can’t seem to get the damned thing up and running again…and the vulgarities escaping from his mouth are making me blush…oh my, I’ve never even heard THAT ONE before!)

Ten years ago already! How did that happen?

Because she was born on a long weekend (Victoria Day…all my kids were born on long weekends), we usually have her birthday parties the weekend before or the weekend after. Saturday we have scheduled a party at the local horse riding stables. Me and horses? Don’t get along so good. They are evil and smelly. I. Am not. (okay, I kind of am…but I do shower more than most horses)

So…now I am in possession of a teen and a TWEEN…and a soon to be tween! Correction, they are in possession of me…

…and really, I’m lovin every minute of it!

(help me!)


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  1. Beautiful posting of a beautiful kid!

  2. happy birthday to your tween!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

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