Moonwalkin to the Oldies: Tunes To Clean House To

Scurryfunge: to run around frantically cleaning your home when you know guests will be arriving shortly. (Thank you Slang Teasers, a game I played one summer at the lake. This word has always stuck and I use it often) I’m scurryfunging tonight. Getting ready for the iminant arrival of my MIL and FIL.

I was just listening to my new (to me) FakePodTM and cleaning. Cheap Bastard just got a Nano with our Air Miles, so he passed down his RCA Mp3 player to me. I was just doing the worm and break-dancing around the kitchen and thought I’d share my songlist with you…my NEW AND IMPROVED songlist (and yes, I’m lame. And yes, my music is lame. Blame it on the eighties and the fact that I always wore my legwarmers too tight):

Styx: Domo Arigato Clean-o the Tub-o

ELO: You Gotta Sweep Fast (sweep fast), Sweet Talkin Woman

Chicago: Scrub Me Now (shut up! I’m old and pathetic and yes I really do have Chicago loaded up on this thing)

Howard Jones: Things Will Only Get Cleaner

Beastie Boys: No Sleep Til Dusted

Chicago:…oh forget it, how many damned Chicago songs did I put on this thing anyways? I. Suck.

Depeche Mode: Mommies are People so how could it be, mommies can clean the house so thoroughly?

Chicago:…seriously? Three in a row? I am literally beating myself with a spatula right now.

Talk Talk (re-recorded by Cheap Bastard): It’s my wife. Don’t you forget it. It’s my wife. She cleans real goooood!


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  1. Scurryfunge.

    I’ve got some of my own sucrryfunging to do this evening….

  2. I have been scurryfunging too!!

    and I love Chicago!! and OMG love depeche mode!! they were like my total favorite and saw them in concert in Vancouver!! I also like Erasure!! that how you spell it??

    I had purple fuzzy leg warmers….they were not as tight as they were itchy but let fashion prevail…I wore them all the time!!! I was so cool….NOT

  3. ok so it’s like almost a week and no new blog!!! you know I am going into withdrawls here!!! you must amuze me !!!

  4. […] Also, when I’m alone in the house I love to <A HREF=”; TARGET=”_blank”>clean house with my MP3 player on</A>.  It runs the gammut of 80′ oldies from The Kids From Fame to Styx to Night Ranger to Black Box to Blue Rodeo.  I have no shame when it comes to 80’s music.  I’ve downloaded it all.  Playing music while I clean actually makes housework fun and, because I’m wearing earphones, I can’t hear myself squawking along to the music. […]

  5. […] free to get your butt walking up that hill, shaking your hiney to your favourite tunes on your FakePod (except for those damned High School Musical songs that the kids put on there months ago and you […]

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