June is Bike Month

So we’re driving down Dehnman Street in downtown Vancouver on Saturday afternoon with MIL and FIL on our way to Fatburger. Our stomachs are rumbling cause it’s well past lunchtime and we’re all thinking YAY FATBURGER…can’t wait…can’t wait…mmm, I can already taste that Fatburger, hamburgery goodness…drool, drool. I look out the van window and coming towards us are about 100 people on bikes…and the first thing I remember thinking is that’s a lot of people wearing beige. What we really saw, and not necessarily what we truly wanted to see, was this:

World Naked Bike Ride 2006

The best part was turning around in my seat and watching the kids’ faces as these people rolled by. The looks of pure shock were priceless and their eyes were like saucers. You should have heard the giggles when I exclaimed, “now that was a LOT of winkies!”

It was the single most talked about subject of the rest of our weekend. “Did we really see that?” “OMG that was disgusting!” “That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!” Budgie told my Mom that “one lady had breasts that dangled down to her knees and she was shaking them back and forth! It was so gross!”

MIL and FIL couldn’t believe what they had seen, but I guess Cheap Bastard and I are jaded. “That’s Vancouver for ya,” we said. Gay Pride Parade, Wreck Beach, homeless people on every corner, jumpers on the bridges…been there, seen that, read the Coles notes.

…nothing, however, prepares you for the phone call from the teacher saying that your son has now decided to write his class speech about the naked bike riders, instead of that boring museum field trip topic…and do you, Mrs. D2bH, really think that’s appropriate?


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  1. ok LMAO so hard I can barely see

    omgosh that is TOO Funny….he just may be scared for life!!!

  2. My Dear D2bH…’round these parts not only is such an essay appropriate, but required. My daughter knew of the leather culture well 3rd grade.

    Bah! I kid! Kinda. Molly has been to many a Freedom Day Parade in her time. She’s seen those leather chaps, worn both with and without jeans.

    Vicky, thanks for your kind birthday wishes on my most humble and lowly blog.

    Carry on with yer badass self,

  3. TOO FUNNY! Good one, Vicky! But did you get that Fatburger???

  4. You are hilarious. I just found your site from your Hammer-pants comment on amalah’s/CoolMom blog thing. that killed me.

    but then I read, “wow, that’s a lot of people wearing beige.” Priceless.

  5. that post was absolutely hilarious – I just roared with laughter!

  6. That could ruin even the biggest appatite. 🙂


  7. Bwaaah Haaah Haaahhhh!!!!!


    Your poor kid’s teacher…does she not get Vancouver?

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