Brother? brother? and Exclamation Points!!!

My Dad and my brother Ivan (why does Dad get a capital, but not brother? Is this my error or Webster’s?) have owned and operated a small machine shop in our town for the past five years. They are the only employees and it has provided a nice income for them as the years progressed and their name got around. Don’t get me wrong, they have spent countless hours, especially in the first years, figuring out whether they could afford to stay open for another month, but in the last two or so years things have come together nicely and the cash flow has been there. They are both Journeyman Machinists and they make small parts for various machines on two CNC machines (don’t ask me what CNC is…they are run by computers…don’t ask me what computers are either, because how are you even here?) and on a few other more traditional milling machines.

In the past I have assisted in various secretarial tasks in my spare time (read: nights and weekends) such as printing business cards and writing a few PowerPoint presentations and a little bit of accounting stuff. They do all the other office/accounting tasks necessary and up to this point have never had a need for a full-time office assistant.

You can now see where this is leading can’t you? You’re starting to see where that “revelation of good things to come” that I promised you here is going now right? Yesiree Bob that is the news!

The company has recently purchased a “new-fangled-giant-hunk-of-metal-machine-that-cuts-anything-and-I-mean-ANY-type-of-material-except-maybe-diamonds-but-I’m-not-sure-on-that-point-with-just-a-stream-of-water” (hereafter referred to as a waterjet machine for the non-technical among us). It is so big and is going to make the company so much extra money (not a lot more really, but my brother is dreaming of boats…and I am imagining we’ll have the purchasing power to buy three-ply toilet paper…can you imagine that? I mean three layers of pillowy softness? Miraculous!) that Dad and brother have abandoned their small, dark, ugly shop for bigger, greener pastures and are moving into a GIANT shop one town over with a real office! With a professional looking frontage! That clients can visit! And use the bathroom! Cause it’s not all gross like the other one!

And did you read that part about the office? That’s gonna be mine! And did you read that part about the company? They’re cutting me in! I’m gonna be a real-life-part-business owner!

I know most of you aren’t in the administrative field, but this? This is a Secretary’s dream. Creating and running her own office…HER WAY! She buys the furniture and supplies (post-its! In every colour and shape available!). She creates the procedures. Simply put, I’m going to be in Administrator’s Heaven!

I won’t be starting full-time right away. They get the waterjet at the end of July and then of course they need to get it into operation and start making a profit from the work. My brother wants me in place ASAP, but reality dictates that it will be sometime before Christmas. I don’t care! I’m getting the hell out of here! I’m getting my own office for Christmas! I’m practically puking exclamation points here!

The best part is I’ll finally get to work somewhere where I really CARE about where the company is heading…heck, my (and my family’s) future will depend on it. No, the best part is I’ll get to wear jeans and running shoes (steel-toed probably) to the office every day…leaving me with a healthy budget for pretty weekend clothes. No, the best, best, bestest part is my Dad has already said he’ll be extremely flexible with my hours to allow me to attend field trips, assemblies, etc. with my kids (he kinda has a stake in their well-being…they being his grandchildren and all)…he has no problem with me doing parts of my job from home.

We’re in the process of moving into the new shop this week. Cheap Bastard has worked tirelessly every night with Ivan moving all they can with the pickup truck and then special movers are coming in today to move the bigger machines. On the weekend we bought a desk for their office (Ivan and Dad’s…no desk for me yet. My reception area is bare! I’m a little sulky about it, but I’ll get over it), a watercooler (cause every office needs one you know…it’s the wave of the future. Clear water. You should try it) and a couple of cheap reception chairs. I went in last night and took lots of pictures, but didn’t get them downloaded to flickr yet…I’ll post them when I do.

Lots more to tell as things progress.

…and now I must take leave of this post and seek out a Catholic Church where I can repent for the grossest use ever of exclamation points and dot dot dots in a post. Forgive me Father for I have sinned!!!

Time until I’m back with my family: 2 hours, 32 minutes

Laundry List: Jeans…remove rosary from pocket first!!!


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  1. is it is sin to use all the dots?? cuz then I am like really in trouble!!

    cuz I use both A LOT
    now to the point

    yehaw that is so amazing and SO exciting!!! I am very happy for you all!! brother and Brother included!!

  2. yeah, you’d think one would be a little excited…

  3. WHOOOOO HOOOOO! That’s wonderful news!!!!!! (oops! hehe).

  4. Seriously speaking, when I read about all the jobs with layoffs or with benefits being cut back, I think family business is the smart way to go.

    Hope the waterpic [or whatever] produces enough $$$ so that you can go to last year’s lottery winner and buy that house with the butler’s pantry … for above market value!

  5. Yah! That’s wonderful! Nice to have that to look forward to as you go through the motions of your day. Congrats!

  6. I am SO happy for yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m just back from vaca but wanted to join in with my congratulations! This is a great thing for you!! You just ENJOY every one of those exclamation points! 🙂

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