Rain and Shine

I just cleaned my desk by spilling a full coffee cup of water all over it. Nothing like taking such drastic measures to get something done. It is very shiny now and all my pictures have been rearranged under the clear plastic desk blotter. I managed to dive in and save them all from the impending flood before they got soaked. In fact, I rescued my pictures before I went back in for the keyboard. Which is still working, because I’m typing right now…and only getting mild electric shocks from the W and Q keys. No more Wacky or Quality or Water or Quickies for a while. At least the spill saved me from getting overly involved in the work I was attempting to finish. We all need a break sometimes, whether it’s to go outside and smoke or drink some coffee or grab some paper towels and clean.


Budgie made my exit from the house this morning much happier than usual:

Me: “Good morning my favourite boy!”

Budgie: “What? I’m your favourite boy? Why?”

Me: “Because you’re my only son. That makes you my favourite by default. Plus you’re the best guy I ever met.”

Budgie: (wiping away a fake tear) “Oh my eye. It has suddenly sprung a leak! I must have something stuck in the ball of it.”

Me: “It must be a goof-ball. Give me a hug before I have to go.”

Budgie: (runs at me three times with quick hugs) “Hug…and another hug…and once more for good measure.”

Me: “No, I want a giant, good quality hug.”

Budgie: “How about an angel kiss instead.” (I lean over and he gently wipes my face with his hand and softly blows one of his angel kisses on my cheek)

Me: “Why did you wipe my face first?”

Budgie: “I was preparing the surface, so the kiss would stick for most of the day.”

…and so I left my van in the driveway and floated to work on a cloud instead.

Time until I’m back with my family: 4 hours, 43 minutes

Laundry List: Silver linings


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  1. Aw. What a sweetie.

    And now, by the power that is The Blog, you’ll have this memory to look at forever.

  2. oh man what a sweetheart!

  3. How adorable is that! He is a keeper, for sure!

  4. I think that is, without a doubt, the absolute sweetest story I have heard all day!

    You are one lucky mom!!


  5. He is so the best guy! He has such a gentle sweet spirit. Thanks for being such a great mom!

  6. Wow!! Can you bottle that?

  7. I am dead over here with the sweetness of that moment! Dead, I tell you!! Whoa.

    How sweet!

  8. What a sweet boy you’ve raised! I’m so impressed!

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