A penny for your thoughts…how much to do my dishes?

We were just discussing kids and allowance at lunch. One of the guys was asking at what age we started giving our kids an allowance and how much did they get a week? He has a five year old daughter and they’re trying to teach her the value of money.

I can’t remember when we started giving any of the kids an allowance (I think we started Budgie last year when he was 7, but I doubt we started that early with Zee. It’s just that when Budge saw Zee and Bella getting money for chores he wanted to participate too), but I do know what they get now.

Zeenee, age 14 1/2, gets fifteen dollars a week. She does a ton of chores for that money from laundry to dishes every night to keeping her room spic n’span (sometimes…other days -like today- it looks like Al Quada tried to bomb it back to the stone age). She also makes a point of calling me at work and asking if there’s anything extra she can do (I know! I’m lucky. I get it). This is usually followed by her requesting to go out somewhere with her friends, but at least she knows that if she offers to do extras she’ll probably be rewarded with the permission to go. On these occassions she will usually offer to wash the kitchen floor or clean a bathroom. Zee has also been babysitting for us this summer break. CB has offered to give her extra money for school clothes if she watches the kids and keeps them on some kind of schedule (it helps to keep them off of the computer or from in front of the TV) throughout the day. Like I said in my last post, my mother is home for emergencies (and can we please not talk about that. Again, not ready. Cannot scrub the LOSER tattoo off forehead, no matter how much soap I use), but she doesn’t do much more for them than keep them from setting the house on fire, so we’re lucky to have Zee there keeping the kids busy. We don’t require her to do this everyday because she needs breaks and days off with her friends. Cheap Bastard has a very flexible schedule, so he’s able to work evenings sometimes and be there for the kids in the daytime and I still get every second Friday off. (Tangent…you are taking me off course!)

Anabella is ten now and she gets $7.00/week. She’s not so great at chores and has to be reminded…A LOT, especially to stop being so pokey. This kid has amazing wheels on the soccer field, but manages to make snails look speedy when she’s clearing the table. She hasn’t mastered the concept of piling lots of stuff in her hands and taking them all into the kitchen at once. She’ll make three trips to put away the ketchup, the salad dressing and the salt! Regardless, she does eventually get her chores done. They include clearing the table and rinsing the dishes after dinner, wiping the tables and counters, putting the “pill” in the dishwasher (dishwasher tab) and keeping her room clean (which for Bella means stuffing everything into drawers, closets, under beds and behind stuffed animals on shelf. Anything for a “clean” look).

Budgie, at eight, earns $5.00 a week for taking out the garbage and recycling everyday, searching for dishes throughout the house after dinner and keeping his room clean.

So, yes. We basically make a utilities payment in allowances every month at Casa D2bH. That’s okay though, because every day after dinner I get to sit and relax with my cup of tea whilst my busy bees buzz around me removing the grime. Ahhhh.

I guess the question of the day is: What, if any, do you give your kids for allowance? And at what age did you start giving them one?

Time until I’m back with my family: 2 hours, 31 minutes

Laundry List: Is it still illegal to launder money? Because I have an allowance payment to make on Friday and I’m running a little light in the pocketbook.

P.S. This is the funniest thing I have read all day. Nay, probably all year! As my kids get older they don’t say as many hilarious things as they used to…I guess I can live vicariously through other bloggers’ youngsters.


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  1. I haven’t started with allowance yet but we’ve been discussing it. Our oldest will be 8 in October but it is my daughter who just turned 6 who does more of the chores in the house – she LOVES to clean the bathroom!! Weird fetish for a youngster I know.

    We want them to get to the stage where they aren’t just working for $$ but are participating in the day-to-day upkeep of “our” home.

    If you come up with some ingeneous plan please let me know. I’ve heard of a few good ones out there and I’ll share when I get the nittygritty’s down pat.

  2. I cannot WAIT until my kids are able to do some real chores! Right now all they do is create messes but they’ll be making up for it later 🙂

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