Let’s Try This

This morning I installed Haloscan comments on da blawwwg. I can prove it. Look below this entry where Haloscan auto-posted “Haloscan comments have been installed on this blog.” See? Told ya. Let’s try to be a little more open minded shall we?

Nice things about Haloscan: I receive your comments directly to my gmail inbox and I can REPLY directly to your inbox provided you leave an email address. NICE!

Horrible, terrible things that have happened to this blog as a result of Haloscan: Every last one of the comments left on this blog for the last year and a half have been eradicated…wiped out…nuked. HORRIBLE! TERRIBLE!

Your job as a loyal Desperate to be a Housewife reader and commenter is to go back and re-post every comment you ever made on each individual, well written, incredibly humourous post. Please don’t forget the LOL’s and the ROTFLMAO’s and the “Vicky, you are incredibly humourous and delightfully perfect” comments that you all made before. I’m sure you have every word burned on your brain and can accomplish this task in mere hours, maybe even weeks. Hey! You four loyal readers in the back! I see you trying to slither out the back door! Do you actually think I can’t track you with my stats counter? I know where you live!

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the writer on the comments page.

(Please don’t hurt me!)

Time until I’m back with my family: 5 hours

Laundry List: Hangman’s rope, “Just Kidding” sign

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