Picture This

Zeenee is having her school portraits taken tomorrow. What to wear? Oh, what to wear? And how should I style my hair? Smile or no smile? Teeth or no teeth?

I was just filling out the order form and was faced with a number of choices myself (like whether to buy portraits or pay the mortgage this month), the biggest decision being (who really needs a roof over their heads anyways) what background to choose (millions of people live without shelter right?) for our portrait “package” (the bank doesn’t usually reposess after the first missed payment…right? Usually?). Our choices are limited to six different backgrounds, three of which we dismissed immediately. The losers are Slate (had that last year, Zee’s wearing navy or brown this year…no Slate), Downtown (we’re so totally too Uptown for Downtown) and Brick (just no).

Choice Number 4 is Arctic which, staple some wings to this chick’s back and call her Liz (cause this beyotch is so obviously the perfect and popular cheerleader type from high school, of which they were always named Liz or Tiffany or Mitzy or Fluffy). No angels have flown up Zeenee’s butt lately, so we’re probably not going with Arctic.

Karma is interesting. Interesting in the way that having your picture taken in the deepest recesses of HELL would be interesting. “Okay smile like your ass is on fire! You look HOT!” Yawn. Fire and brimstone is so last year.

I think we’re gonna go with Sky. It should compliment Zee’s fashion choice well and her colouring against that background will be perfect. Also, when you live in the Vancouver area, nothing says “I’m a West Coast Chick” like having your picture taken with a scene from a typical spring day!

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