Getting Proactive with the Proactiv

You know you’re in cosmetic crisis mode when…
Ashley's Chop Job

Ashley ran out of Proactiv facewash today. And if you look carefully*, there’s maybe one application of toner left too. At 30 bucks a bottle, she knows she isn’t getting new stuff anytime soon.  She cut it open to swipe out the last remaining molecules.   We’ll probably go out on the weekend to procure more at the mall, but until then she’s out of luck. I’ve even run out of my cheap-ass Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear face scrub.

In fact, I just washed my face in the shower with Dove bar soap. I expect to look in the mirror tomorrow morning and find five or six new friends adorning my face. My oily skin doesn’t respond well to soap.

(*Please don’t look too carefully thereby ignoring walls behind bottles, as that is merely the bathroom that will never be finished. Ever. And also never. Move along)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi – just a note, I used to spend a fortune on Proactive for my boys – then the Pediatrician gave me them two prescriptions that work much better, and are cheaper than proactive with insurance. They are Erythremycin for morning application and Differin for the evening – works wonders!


  2. I am a Proactiv addict too. Fer real. That shit is (usually) awesome. I even bought the special “Body scrub” for the summer when I break out on my shoulders….Its like crack.


  3. they say clean & clear works better than proactiv is that true


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