Working Mom Suckage

One of the worst things about being a Working Mom is not being able to be there when your kids are sick.

Andie woke up with another headache this morning.  She had quite a bad one last night which we cured with Advil and a good rest (and lots of parental TLC of course).  This morning I had to convince her to suck it up and go to school anyways.  My Mom has an exercise class and I can’t miss work today as it’s payroll day.  I told her if she really couldn’t hack it then she could call her Granny later in the day to come and pick her up.

I know where the headaches are coming from.  She’s 10 and those little hints of adolescense are starting to rear their ugly heads. The small changes in her body, the moodiness, the headaches. Just lately tiny, fixable issues have thrown her off the deep end, sending her wailing into her room because the whole world hates her. How dare Ashley have told her to wipe the counters when they were doing dishes? She was just about to get to it! Oh the humanity!

So instead of playing the good Mom this morning, instead of keeping her at home, instead of calling myself into work sick and heaping some extra, and much needed, care and attention on my daughter, I played my Wicked Witch of the West card and sent her to school sick.

…and so I packed an extra serving of Mom-guilt into my lunchbag before leaving the house.  I’m having a little trouble swallowing today.


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