Blogsgiving in the North

Canadian Thanksgiving. The day when people all across this great land gather with family and friends, around their Ikea KLEEPNA tables, to give thanks for that magical day in 1867 when the Great Zamboni From The Sky came down and perched itself atop the CN Tower in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto). And The Settlers came forth, clad in Team Canada jerseys and beaverskin hats, their arms laden with Butterball cook from frozen turkeys and $2.99 Safeway pumpkin pies.

Join me won’t you, as I give thanks for some of my favourite Canadian Bloggers (and notice how I spell favourite with a “u” just as the Lord Pierre Elliot Trudeau himself intended):

I am thankful for The Empress, a brilliant woman persuing the world of affiliate marketing. A woman who, like myself, is from the great province of British Columbia…land of trees, hippies, sushi and a homeless population bigger than all of Saskatchewan. Bless The Empress, for without her I would have a readership of two.

I am thankful for Heather from Hamster Boy. Another British Columbian. Another, way cooler than me, Mother of three. Woman that is brave enough to live in the big City of Vancouver, scariest place on Earth according to me who is comfortable in her tinier city.

I am thankful for LaLa from Insight to LaLa’s World who just moved to the way north city of Prince George (also in BC). Too bad we never actually got to meet while she was living down here in the Lower Mainland. My most frequent commenter and a wonderful Mommy.

I am thankful for Laura from The Kidlet Chronicles. Another British Columbian. Another fabulous Mom. Plus she sent me a GMail invite when I whined that I wanted one. Laura? Rocks!

I am thankful for JenB from Jen and Tonic. Jen has been blogging since 2002! 2002? They had internet in Canada way back then? I was still chiseling my thoughts on rocks in 2002. I can’t believe the States gifted us with the internet that early on, as we usually have to wait years for something to come to Canada after it’s released down south. I remember waiting and waiting as a teen for that Navy perfume to be sold in Canada. I had smelled it in Seventeen Magazine and decided that was the scent for me. Me and Christy Brinkley were gonna smell good together, so I waited like two years to finally buy this stuff at Shoppers (do you know how many magazines I went through in two years just so I could smell good in the interim?) and realize it was totally out of style by then. But I bought it anyways and eventually retired it to the shelf alongside my Debbie Gibson “Electric Youth” tonic. All this to say, Jen also rocks!

I am thankful for Karen Rani of Troll Baby. Cool girl and Mommy from “Back East”. Her son Thomas is one of my favourite net kids, cause da boy is fun-nay! Bizatches! Stop over at Karen’s today and wish her a speedy recovery. She’s feeling a little under the weather right now and it’s Thanksgiving! She needs to be well so she can eat lots of turkey.

I am thankful for The Famous Rick Mercer, famous-er even that Peter McKay or Ralph Klein. Rick is a political Comedian here in Canada and has his own show, The Rick Mercer Report. On the TV! Rick makes me laugh…and is there anything better than that?

I am also thankful for Dawn of I’m Doing the Best I Can. Not a Canadian, but living in Montreal while she goes to school to become edumacated in all things Early Childhood. I love Dawn. She is wickedly funny and equally sassy and she’s also the brains behind True Wife Confessions (thank you Dawn for giving all wives a place to vent). I’m also jealous of Dawn because she gets to celebrate Thanksgiving twice, being that she’s from the States and will probably hold court around her dining table again in November, but I’m trying not to let it show (how am I doing?). Two turkeys in two months! Hrrmph!

I’m off work at noon today and then off to Kelowna to meet my 20 month old niece for the very first time (can’t wait). She also lives in the Centre of the Universe, far from the outer fringes of the Wet Coast where we live. My MIL is cooking a feast on Sunday and we will dine as a family around their antique table (not KLEEPNA).

To all my Canadian friends, I wish you the very best this Thanksgiving long weekend.


6 responses to this post.

  1. wow thanks for the tribute!! I totally love reading your blog! you totally crack me up and I love reading your perspective on life!! and we do have stuff in common…both close to the same age…both prego at 19 uh hem…both great mom’s!!…..lived close…ya that is too bad that we couldn’t meet over some martini’s!

    have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!


  2. I second the “thanks for the tribute!” Like Lala I love your writing style. I am really grateful that I stumbled across your site so many moons ago – because I honestly look forward to seeing a new post show up in my RSS feed from you! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving girl 🙂


  3. Wow. I just woke up (from yet another nap) and read this. You are so sweet…


  4. Awww. I get to be an honorary Canadian! (Cause god knows I am paying my share of candian taxes!)

    I’m so pleased. Smoked meat for everyone. And Tarte en sucre, all around. Then we will drink Beer. Lots of beer.


  5. Hey, my husband just got his Canadian work permit Makes a girl feel kinda Canadian!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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