Dear Stomach

You are hereby put on notice that these are the foods that will not be entering your cavernous self for at least the next month or two.   Stomach, you really overdid it this weekend my friend.  I mean seriously, peach pie for breakfast?  All three days?  Never mind that peach pie that good had never crossed your threshold.  Never mind that peach pie that good had never been entered in a county fair anywhere in the Lower 48 States or the ten fine Provinces of this nation.  Because please!  Blue ribbons were hardly worthy of that pie.  Martha Stewart herself would have worshipped at the alter of that peach pie.

But Stomach think about this.  Last Thursday night at Weight Watchers you had 1.2 pounds to lose before we could receive our 20 pound award.  And now?  After this weekend?  Well, all I have to say is that we’ve really taken the down escalator to the upper floor.  We’ve added a good 5-10 pounds to our fight. 

The only way I can see us succeeding this week is to cut all intake of food entirely.  Do you like water?  Cause I’m willing to bend on the water.

…and the tea.  Life is nothing without tea.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Good Thanksgiving, huh?


  2. I gained 10 pounds this summer when we moved…..guess I gain with stress and it doesn’t want to go anywhere!! mind you the king size snicker bar I just ate doesn’t really help either does it? nope but that peach pie sounds good!!


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