15 Years Ago Today – 11:00 a.m.

By 11:00 a.m. the contractions are coming strong. See, all you needed was a little push to get you going. Just like when I have to wake you up in the morning even though your alarm clock has been reminding you for half an hour to get up!

By this point in the hospital adventure your father has already exhausted his cache of tricks and annoyances by stretching a rubber glove over his head and blowing it up like a rooster and then playing with the remote control on the bed like Homer Simpson. “Bed goes up. Bed goes down. Vick goes up. Vick goes down.” (Vick screams on the way up. Vick scratches his eyeballs out on the way down) He is bored already and pretty soon he will eat my lunch because at one point I am too screamy to eat and I declare I don’t want that slop. Two minutes later I decide I do want that slop, but he has scoffed it all down in three bites. I am screamy again…
How will I ever find enough time to tell you what a good baby you were. When I tell you little tidbits now and then you either roll your eyes (she’s at it again) or you get that gorgeous little blush face (oh Mom, you’re so embarassing). But you were good. You were better than good. You slept through the night from two weeks old! You hardly ever cried. You were so easygoing. You really spoiled us.

…I have to look at pictures to realize that you were actually a monster once in a while.   Funny, it feels like it was ten minutes ago that I was sweeping that dishwasher soap up.  And trying not to let the amusement show on my face.
Ashley Dishwasher Soap


2 responses to this post.

  1. ahhh yes hubbies and hospitals…..good combo eh? mine just flirted with the nurses and slept on the lounge chair till it was action time! it’s ok though I was too busy sucking back the gas to really care!!


  2. it\’s just a cool design


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