15 Years Ago Today – 3:00 p.m.

By now I had been pushing for at least an hour and unbeknownst to me had 2 1/2 more to endure.  I was given Demerol for the pain and it did its job well.  In fact, it put me to sleep.  They had to wake me for every contraction and remind me to PUSH.  (I knew for future deliveries to stay away from the Demerol.  Nope, from then on I was smooth sailing with the Morphine.  Sweet, happy-happy-smile-smile Morphine.  But I knew nothing of the Morphine in 1991).  At one point your Dad went out with the nurse to take a phonecall from my Mom (your Granny) and when they came back in and asked me if I wanted to speak to her I screamed “Nooooooooo-aaargh-oooooooo!”  You know that imitation you do of Emily Rose?  Yeah, I looked like that except I didn’t jump out of any windows (I wanted to though).  I guess they must have asked me that question during one of the contractions, cause after that I fell asleep again…

I laugh now when I see this stroller. This was the Mercedes of infant carriages at the time. Peg Perego was a new brand (at least in Canada) and cost 12 million dollars. There was no Bugaboo. Also? No cup holders. But then again there was no Starbucks either. Suburban mothers hadn’t yet figured out that they were missing anything in the latte department. And this stroller? Had a basket! And was green!
…and this is my number one favourite picture of you. Because? Hippo Teeth! I know you hate this picture with the heat of a thousand suns, but I ADORE that face.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Happy MomDay!


  2. ahhh I love reading this story…so great and embarrasing for Ashley…mwa aaaahhhaa I love it!!


  3. good post – filled my coffee break


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