Things That Don’t Relate – A Play In Three Parts

Act I – Changing of the Guard:  I’ve been changing the template around here more than my underwear.   WordPress won’t let you mess with the html in the templates like Blogger does, so I have to deal with the standard template choices…of which there are ten.  Wooooo, ten choices.  My brain runneth over with the choosing.

First I went with the moon one, which I loved but the comments were at the top of the post…and who’s gonna scroll back to the top of the post to leave a comment?   

Secondly, I chose the grass theme which was simple, pure, botanical.  Perfect!  Just like me!  When people describe me they always think grassy.  Or, erhm…gassy.  Well, like grass I do need frequent haircuts and there’s lots of weeds in my life.  Grass was perfect, but the words were so itsy-bitsy that my readers were getting their prescription glasses updated at an alarming rate.  Even people with 20/20 vision were needing coke bottle lenses to read here.  And what was that all about with you guys sending me your optical bills?  Yes, I do have vision coverage…for MY family!

So I had to let the grass go.

Moving on to the pretty navy and red flowers.  Gorgeous!  But unlike myself, thin.  Like pressed against the left margin rail thin.  And the complaints flooded in. 

(One comment can so be a flood)

So I’m trying out this template.  I call it Mom-Goth.  It suits my mood lately, especially in reference to things happening with our housing situation.  I won’t detail it here, but two words:  NOT GOOD.  To match my template I changed my foundation colour to white and layed on the eyeliner extra thick.  I look badass.

Act II – What a Waist:  After dropping Andie off at Guides last night, Adam and I were having a race back to the car.  I lost.

Because my jeans fell down.

Thankfully I was wearing a long sweater and the jeans stopped at the top of my thighs, but it made further racing impossible because the crotch of my pants was restricting my knees. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but Adam was laughing his butt off. “You looked like a cartoon Mom!”

I’ve never been so happy to be laughed at. Cause he was totally talking about Jessica Rabbit right?

…soon I will fit into these and my look will be complete.

Act III – Gimme a Sign:



3 responses to this post.

  1. congrats on your weightloss!

    I find myself thinking about changing my template, too. Maybe at my next blog anniversary…


  2. oh man he was TOTALLY talking about Jessica Rabbit!!
    I love all the changing looks! I am wanting a new template too but can’t decide what I want….story of my life!! you’d think with all the time I spend on here I would come up with something but ya not so much


  3. Google is the best search engine


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