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I am turning the comments feature off for a while. A “test period” if you will. Comments have forever been the bane of my existense in blogging. They have always been the meter which I use to compare my blog to other blogs. To compare my writing to others’ writing. And really? That’s just stupid. IStupidTM.

I have to realize that my writing is going to be just that. MY WRITING. It’s mine. It is me. It’s the best I can give. And people are reading it. I can see that by looking at my stats counter. Sure, some days there are 14 of you and other days there are 71, but people are reading here. I need to make that good enough. PEOPLE ARE READING HERE AND THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH!

I found a brilliant declaration on Izzy Mom the other day that she is allowing others to use and change to suit themselves. Thank you, thank you Izzy Mom. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

As we head into November and I begin to participate in NaBloPoMo, I am choosing to focus on the joy of writing. Hopefully, I can stick to the rules and, by throwing my procrastinating tendencies to the wind, manage to post something each and every day of November. But it will be about the writing and not about me leaping into my gmail inbox every hour to see if I’ve received any comments. Because that’s just stupid. IStupidTM.

From Stop the Insanity! by Izzy Mom:

A Blogging Declaration of Independence

1. I will only write when I feel like writing. I will not allow myself to feel obligated to write a blog post or do any other blog-related activity if I don’t feel like it. (Vicky – except in November…got to post daily. DAILY! After November? Whenever I feel like it bizatches!)

2. I will no longer stop to consider if a post will be boring to other people or use that as a deciding factor in what I write. (Vicky – everybody’s boring to some degree. Except me. I am having cabbage soup for lunch)

3. I will write from my heart and remember that my blog is about me and whatever I want to write about. (Vicky – I like salt n’ vinegar chips and bright, shiny objects !)

4. I will not compare myself to other bloggers. (Vicky – I will make a special point of not going to a bloggers archives and discovering that, although they have only been blogging since March 2006, they are getting 226 comments a day and wah, wah, wah I am only getting 1. I will especially not throw staplers and tape dispensers at my monitor upon discovering this injustice, because those items are company property…as is the internet connection I take far too much advantage of here).

5. I will not allow myself to feel bad if I notice that someone doesn’t come to my blog anymore. (Vicky – note to self: refrain from hunting said reader down and stalking their surfing habits. Step away from the night-vision goggles.)

6. I will not concern myself with comments or stat counters or other numeric devices that might have the ability to affect my mood or what I write. (Vicky – as I said, I’m turning the comments off. The stats counter? I can’t bring myself to go THAT far. Eep!)

7. I will not feel bad if something I care about doesn’t get a lot of feedback or comments. (Vicky – I will no longer know. No comments = freedom!)

8. I will always try to remember that blogging is a hobby first and foremost. When it stops being fun, I will step away and re-evaluate. (Vicky – note to self: get new hobby. Consider model trains, peti-point or bungee jumping)

9. I will no longer feel guilty about not commenting “as much as I should” because my first responsibility is to myself and my kids. Though I love reading and connecting with other bloggers, real life needs to come first. (Vicky – real life? Is that some new blog I haven’t heard about? Could you send me the link?)

10. I will make an effort to not get lost in blogging. Just because I can while away an entire evening (Vicky – workday) in the blogsophere with relative ease doesn’t mean I should.

11. I will not worry about losing readers if I change my focus from time to time. (Vicky – screw the mommyblog, I’m gonna write about tire treads)

12. I will be true to myself and my feelings. I will be cranky if that’s how I feel. Being a diplomat 24-7 is just exhausting and unnatural. (Vicky – Welcome! Thanks for reading. How are you? You look great. I’m tired now and I need to lie down.)

13. I will try really hard to fight that feeling that I am missing out on something if I’m not reading and commenting on blogs. (Vicky – but what if Amalah sells her condo and I’m not there as soon as she publishes the good news to congratulate her right away? What if Beth asks a question and I’m not there to chime in with my assvice? What if the Blogosphere implodes without me? Gaaaa! Pressure!)

14. In committing myself to this declaration, I am setting myself free so that I can enjoy blogging more and stress about it less. (Vicky – that and martinis…for numbness)

15. I will update and add to this declaration as necessary.


So while comments are off, if you need to say something to me I’m still at procrastamomATgmailDOTcom.

…stripping off the shackles (**low whistle**)


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