Think of me this weekend…

…whilst you while away the witching hours in your fluffy, comfy, warm, dry beds.

For this will be my bedroom of choice this weekend:

Just like that.  But take the sunshine and replace it with grey skies and intermittent wind and rain.

Just like that.  But see that crunchy dry gravel?  Yeah, replace that with mud.

Just like that.  But feel that balmy warm July breeze?  It’s October 27th today.  Replace with bone chilling, frigid temperatures.

Just like that.  But see that happy family that’s not in the picture because they’re skipping along the sandy beaches of the lake?  Yeah, replace that with 21 pre-adolescent girls who will finally fall asleep at the crack of 5:00 Saturday morning.

See that relaxed-well-rested-marginally-sunburned-but-who-cares-cause-I’m-on-holidays-for-a-whole-week-mama who’s taking that picture?   Replace with oh-my-god-I-just-worked-a-40-hour-week-and-now-I’ve-come-out-camping-in-a-tent-and-I’m-so-so-cold-and-when-will-these-demon-children-finally-fall-asleep-because-I-have-to-work-Monday-and-I-miss-my-down-comforter-and-sealy-posturpedic-so-so-much-Guide-Leader.

…please think of me.


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