Hairy Crise

Adam just brought over a Tootsie Pop (which are SMALLER now!  What the hell?  They are the size of a small marble this year.  Why bother?) and enquired as to what was in it.  When I told him it had a chocolate centre he quickly put it back.  Boy doesn’t do chocolate…very unlike his mother.

Next thing I know he brings over a sucker and says, “then what’s in these hairy crise things?”.  Hairy Crise thinks I?  I have no idea.  I’ve never had the pleasure.  Turns out it’s a Jolly Rancher sucker, but it reads like this cause some of the lettering is cut off by the wrapper:

   Jolly                                Jolly
  Rancher                       Rancher

Herry/Cerise = Hairy Crise

We did laugh.  At his expense of course…and his poor use of the French language.

We got home from Trick or Treating at 7:00.  We left the house at 6:30.  We did one side of our street and one side of our friend’s street and they were done.  They always say they’re gonna go out for hours this year, but a half hour is about their limit.  Makes for very slim pickins in the candy department.

In fact, I was devastated when they dumped out their pillow cases for the official inspection and there wasn’t one Mars Bar in the bunch.  Whilst weeping, I tried to convince them to put their shoes back on and go out in search of some Mars Bars, but they would have none of it.

…is Halloween even legal without Mars Bars?

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