Just to let you know, I did survive the wilderness on the weekend.

Wait. Oh yeah, you already knew that. Me posting here yesterday would have been your first clue I guess. Smarty pants!

See, I’m still a Guider. I’m still involved in Guiding. I’m not running a unit this year, but I do offer to do things with Andie’s Girl Guide group. Stupid things. Like sleep in a tent at the end of October.

It wasn’t actually as bad as I predicted. Clearly, I was the person with the biggest bedroll as mine contained not only a sleeping bag, self-inflating mattress and a tarp (like everyone else’s), but also my king-sized, down-filled duvet from my bed. After rolling that sucker up and tying it with the longest rope I could find in the shed, my bedroll almost came up to my waist. There may have been a bit of moving and folding of seats and leaving important things at home kind of shuffling in order to fit it in my van. There may even have been some discussion about whether Andie really needed HER bedroll that badly. And also why did she have to take up so much valuable space in my vehicle. We got it in eventually anyways.

Sure, the other leaders pointed. Some of them even snickered. One of them may have fell to the ground in a full-out, can’t even breathe, I’m laughing so hard, fit. But none of them were laughing Saturday morning when they were bitching about their cold toes and the fact that they shivered all-night-long-oh-my-hell!

Yep, there was only one leader in the bunch who slept like a log. Like a warm log in fact. Like a log who’s been thrown on a roaring campfire and left to burn down to red, glowing coals…those kind of coals that are perfect for roasting marshmallows…mmmm, smore-y. Mmm, chocolate and graham crackers and marshmallowey, gooey, chocolately…


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