Oh oh, it’s magic

Last night, at 10:30 p.m., Richard and I headed out to the movie theatre (not without commentary about how we’re too old to be heading out for an evening after the late hour of 7:30…hell, when we play poker with my brother’s family we’re usually home by 10:30!).

 Anyways, we went to see The Prestige. The plot was fantastic, the character development amazing, the climax…well, uhm…we didn’t see it. About fifteen minutes from a promising twist ending there was a blackout in the theatre. We had to leave the theatre and were given free passes to come see it again, some other night when the ‘lectricity was workin’. If you ask me, it was just a skillful ploy by the movie theatres to draw you back in and sell you more overpriced nachos and pop. That’s where they make the most money anyways. At least from me. I have a hard time settling into a movie without a trough full of nachos and one of those buckets o’pop.

So, in this critic’s opinion The Prestige was a tearjerker. It may not be billed as such, but after experiencing it through a blackout I can’t help wondering how it concludes. In fact, I’ve thought about it all day. Picked it apart in my mind. If there’s one good thing I can take away from this experience it’s that I’ll get to see the whole thing again with fresh eyes and look for clues throughout the movie, without knowing the ending.

Go see The Prestige.

…but don’t you dare tell me how it ends!


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