You call yourself a blogger!

 You’re not a blogger!

My great-great-great Grandmother could outblog you!  And she’s been dead 50 years!  Never even set eyes on a computer and she’d put you to shame with her mad blogging skillz!

You want the blog?  You can’t handle the blog!

You’re not a blogger…you’re a BLOSER!


…and on the 6th day The Blogger, realizing she had no original thoughts in her head, posted some crap and a freaky pic of her kid and went to bed early.


Comments are open.  Ask me a question about anything.  Maybe I’ll find some inspiration from your questions.  And write something decent.




4 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha…that was funny! I went to bed at 8 last night so I can relate!

    What songs do you like to belt out when no one is around?


  2. Hmmm…..

    Question… Have you started buying Christmas presents yet???

    I have a colleague at work who has all hers bought and wrapped….


  3. Posted by Austin on November 9, 2006 at 4:18 am

    That is too funny! My dead grandmother could out blog you! You can’t handle the blog! Oh my goodness woman that is too funny. And, I happen to like kid pics. Did he inherit your humor?


  4. Posted by Austin on November 9, 2006 at 4:28 am

    me again, …sorry..
    perhaps blogging about stuff you find on the web could take up space so you can do this blog a day thing for November. I for one have a hard time shutting up so its more of a challenge for me to NOT blog for November than to blog all month long.

    I’ve heard of this challenge and I’ve seen a few entries. When people get stuck they start surfing and find some crazy blog that they feature. I’ve seen Feature Friday’s and stuff like that. You could do a gratitude day or My Kid Is So Crazy entry day to tell what kinds of things your kids get into. Themed days are kinda fun, especially when they are about something you deal with daily. Who has that whole drivers anger thing going on that you saw on your way home? blog about that every Wednesday or something. Or say maybe you saw something odd or interesting at the store, blog about that. Blog about what you had a dream about, about your pet peeves (like comments from complete strangers that want to give know-it-all advice about blog skillz) Like I said, it’s a challenge for me to NOT blog than to blog. You won’t see me shuttin’ up anytime soon though.



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