I needed this today. I’ve needed it all week. Forever maybe.

I found it today. I read it. A lot of it.

I found grace. I’m not sure if I’ve even ever seen it before. Or stopped to notice.

Maybe I didn’t know what to look for. Not sure I knew I was looking.

You need this too. You need to read this. You need to find it too.

Atomic Tumor


One response to this post.

  1. ok I know my bad….I haven’t been here for like a week 😦 and I thought I was safe cuz when I was all better and had time to catch up I could and you are not receiving comments anyways so…… it was all good…I had a plan! now I see that you turned it back on!! boy do I feel stupid :0

    sorry just being retarded!! love the jolly rancher story…had me giggling!
    and no I didn’t sign up for the nablopomo!! I have to be getting ready for the craft fair I signed up for and then got sick doah


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