Keep your partridge…and your pear tree too

I’m buying my first Christmas present tonight after work. (The Womanmoose asked me the other day whether I’d started my Christmas shopping yet (okay, she asked me over a week ago…after I begged like an urchin for blog fodder). Apparently a friend of hers is done and has everything wrapped already (bah!).

So, I’m starting tonight by stopping at the mall to get Ashley the most beautiful pea coat that we found at Off The Wall yesterday. They only had one small, so I’m hoping it hasn’t been sold today. She loves the coat because it looks like something Rory from Gilmore Girls would wear at Yale (my kids loooove Gilmore Girls and the more I watch, the further in love I fall with the show). It’s a navy blue, double breasted coat with the most beautiful lining inside. You know, a Pea Coat. (Don’t worry, if I thought she read here, I wouldn’t post about Ashley’s Christmas presents. I KNOW she doesn’t read here as there is no “msn” in the site address).

Richard and I are also taking Friday off to get the bulk of our shopping done for the kids. We took them to Toys R’Us yesterday to try and get an idea of what they want, because when we asked them for lists the other day they were kind of pathetic (Dear Santa, I want a Nintendo DS and Nintendogs, Thank you, Goodbye). At least now Adam’s list also specifies “that helicopter thingy, Star Wars Lego and a purple Light Sabre.” Good stuff, at least we can work with that.

Richard asked me yesterday what I want for Christmas. After going through the usual list of things I want but will never get (decent sunglasses, a new wardrobe, a coach bag [just one!], a gift certificate to a spa), I decided all I really want is a promise. I just want assurance that we won’t be living like this come next Christmas. I want to know that we’re gonna follow through with our plans to either buy the house off of Mom & Dad by July or move the hell out and rent (do lawyers ever draw up these kinds of contracts? Do we need a notary? A judgement order?). God help me, but I don’t want to be writing this same post next November. BECAUSE I JUST CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE! The housing issue for me is all consuming. Like, think about it every moment of every day consuming. It’s ridiculous, I know, to be waiting to live. I’m waiting to live! That is so incredibly stupid. But I am. And I guess it’s eating me from the inside out.

Yesterday presented one of those moments when my Mother gets up on her high horse about our living situation (truly, these moments are frequent…and frequently embarassing, especially when she tells everyone she meets – even the checkout girl at the supermarket – about our living situation). She was screaming about dinner not being ready (at 4:30? Christ, but we live with old people) and she said something to the effect of:

“Jesus! What are you gonna do when I’m not living here anymore? Your kids will starve with me not there to see that everyone gets dinner! And with the way you cook, they’ll either get burnt meals or take out!”

You know, I usually just let this shit go. Because if I responded every single time she pretends she’s The Savior of My Family I would never have a chance to stop talking and actually do other things. Like work and breathe and poop and sleep. But yesterday I must have felt like stirring the pot a little because I responded:

“You know Mom, when you move out I probably won’t give two shits about whether my family is eating food so burnt that it’s practically coal and I’ll gladly pay for the takeout every night if that’s what we have to do. I will be so fucking busy SMILING when you guys move out, knowing that I have my family back…just MY family, that I’ll hardly have time to think about what I should be feeding my kids for dinner.”

Is it nice to swear at your Mother? No. Bad idea (listen up kiddies and take my advice!). It wasn’t my best performance, but it just felt so damned good to let the flood loose for once. Bonus: it rendered her speechless for a good couple of hours and I don’t remember the last time she was that. Silence…so golden. I so need to be away from her and soon. Hello! Obvious meet Evident. Evident, this is Obvious. I wanted to introduce you as I know you both have so much in common.

…I’m calendering this post. Come next November I better not be repeating myself in any way, shape or form.


5 responses to this post.

  1. oh man we lived under our parents for 5 years after we got married! I can’t imagine how long you have been! do you have your own suite or just “share” the house?


  2. and I HATE people that have all their shopping done and wrapped before Christmas Eve….. just HATE THEM!


  3. Sounds like you had a bit of a rough day. Nice that you were able to let loose for a moment and blow off some steam.

    I’ve started my Christmas shopping, but am by no means finished. Hoping to have it all done before December 1st. That’s my goal!


  4. […] P.S. (but not a P.S. to the Dear God letter. Just a P.S. to readers). I got the pea coat for Ashley last night after work. Lucky break for me too, because the sales girl was all broken hearted that I was buying the last small. She was planning to buy it when she finished her shift! I’m so glad I got it. Ashley’s talked about nothing but that damned “Rory Coat” since Monday night and has reminded me no less than eleventy-nine times that I need to go and buy it. I have remained vague on the subject and may have stated last night that I’d forgotten she wanted that coat and I sure hope they still have one on Friday when I get paid. Now to find a suitable place to hide it. If she wasn’t such a great help to me in the house I might stash it in the broom closet or the dryer. Maybe I’ll go out to the van right now and bring it into the office. […]


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