I need a phone etiquette refresher course (obviously)

Cal The Foreman:  Hey, can I talk to Wes?

Vicky:  Wes is on the other line.  Would you like to hold for him Cal?

Cal:  Sure, thanks Vicky.

1 minute later line rings back.  Wes still hasn’t picked up the line.

Vicky:  He’s still on the other line Cal.  Would you like me to have Wes hold you?


Vicky starts to giggle.

Cal:  No, I’d rather have you hold me than Wes.  I mean if somebody HAS to hold me and all.

Coffee shoots out of nose and splashes over monitor and keyboard.  Vicky starts to choke.

Vicky:  Well, that can be arranged.

Cal:  I’ll be there in an hour.

Much howling ensues.

…it was the best part of my Monday.


One response to this post.

  1. LOL!!

    That is awesome.


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