Sweet Cherry Pie-eeeeeeeee

This is the latest commerial to halt me in my tracks and make me stop what I’m doing to watch whenever it comes on the television.   I love this ad.  I love this guy’s voice.  And if Richard ever decides he’s had enough of my whining and whinging about having no house to call our own and nothing to wear — and will you please for the love of all that is holy put the goddamned toilet seat down when you’re finished peeing, like hello…urine molecules are flying all over the bathroom and squeezing their nasty little selves into the drawer and spraying our toothbrushes with germicules– if he ever leaves me, I’m totally hunting the Cherry Pie guy down and claiming him as mine so he can sing this song to me every day in the car.  And don’t forget the hand motions bucko, cause they MAKE the funny.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha ha…that was hilarious!


  2. Oh wow that video is great! Hey and congrats on the free beautiful clothes! 😉


  3. Google is the best search engine


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