Jelly Bean Dance

I just dropped Andie off at her first Jelly Bean Dance.

She came flying in the house from soccer practice just after 6:00 and after scarfing down a couple of pieces of pizza she took a TEN MINUTE SHOWER!

(an Andie world record)

(oh, and she used shampoo! Whee!)

I left her at the Rec Centre wearing a sparkly red top, sweat pants and the oldest, dirtiest, used-to-be-pink runners she owns. And wet hair. Judging by all of the other kids’ outfits, she was tastefully dressed. Grade 5 haute couture.

Also, I made her promise not to run away with the first guy she dances with and get married (MOM!). Richard issued orders relating to making sure there was a “troll’s width” between her and any boy she was dancing with (because, according to Richard, all trolls are fat…ensuring a good distance if one were standing between you and I)(DAD!).

Ashley never expressed an interest in Jelly Bean Dances or dances in general until she was in Grade 7 or 8, so as a first-time “JBD-Mom” I was one of the Nervous Nellies standing just inside the door, making sure she hooked up with kids she knew and ensuring myself that she was comfortable in her surroundings before I left.

Adequate supervisor to kid ratio? Check.

Lots of kids she knows from school? Check.

GOOD kids she knows from school? Check.

Guards at the doors, so they can’t escape into the neighbourhood? Check.

Dark room? Strobe lights? Loud Music? Check. And EEP!

This was my first experience with Jelly Bean Dances since I was twelve. I remember my very first dance because Steven Kinch and I won a pair of jeans each during a Spot Dance. When the song ended we happened to be under the chosen spot. Free jeans! I think they were Starboard (which were the cheapest jeans a Calgary kid could own back then — 10 bucks a pair — I should know…my Dad was happy to buy me the cheap jeans as opposed to the forty dollar Fancy Ass brand).

I don’t know what song was playing when we won the jeans, but I DO remember debating with my friend Elizabeth that night about whether the line in Irene Cara’s (Flashdance) What a Feeling song was:

“Take your passion and make it happen”


“Take your pants off and make it happen”

We both agreed it was the pants one. I don’t think either of us knew what IT was that would happen if we did take our pants off. I guess we suspected it would be something horrid and embarassing like being laughed off the dance floor because you’d been caught gyrating about in your Holly Hobby underwear.

…thank God I had those spare jeans for just such an occassion!


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