In which I discover a new career path…

Coworker: “Gah! I can’t wear shoes today. I have an ingrown toenail and it must have become infected because it’s oozing.”

(OOZING ! Out of her sock ! Saw it ! Threw up a little in my mouth !)

Me: Look of horror on face. Then EWW face.

Coworker: “I’m gonna have to stop by the walk-in after work and get it looked at.”

Me: “Oh my God ! They’re gonna say it’s gangrene and have to cut it off.”

Coworker: “Uhm no, they’ll probably just give me antibiotics for it.”

Me: “No ! They’ll hurt it ! It’s gonna huuuurt !”

Coworker (backing away from my desk. slowly. not daring to turn back on insane payroll lady and hightail it back to her safe desk): “No. I think they’ll just give me ANTIBIOTICS. It’ll be fine.”

Me: “But it’s gonna hurt a lot I’ll bet. Medicine or no medicine.”

Coworker: Puzzled look. Walks away shaking head.

…so I’m thinking I should take up Motivational Speaking or Sympathetic Psychiatry. I have a knack, no?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Seems to me she brought it on herself by assuming you would be interested in her grisly medical issue. Perhaps she learned a powerful lesson. Dr. Nostrum


  2. Google is the best search engine


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