Day 30 – Post #2

12:59 p.m. 

Someone here at work commented today on the rather large pants I’m wearing.  They are pretty big.  I can pull the pantlegs away from my thighs a good 5-6 inches.  Trouble is, I’m not sure if they’re too big because I’ve lost weight or if I’ve been wearing this same pair since the early ninties, when they were highly stylish.

…can’t touch this.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hammertime!

    I found you through Blogher – love the site! Any interest in a blog entry or link exchange?


  2. […] After much whining and complaining and boo-hooing to Richard about my lack of decent, good-fitting clothes, the big lug went and gave me a significant chunk of money to spend on new ones. I know. What a jerk right? Now I can’t call him Cheap Bastard for at least another week. […]


  3. ok laughing so hard….I can’t believe I actually drove into Vancouver to see him in concert….at least I didn’t pay for the tickets…mymymymy music hits me so hard…makes me say oh my lord


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