Mamma Guilt

After much whining and complaining and boo-hooing to Richard about my lack of decent, good-fitting clothes, the big lug went and gave me a significant chunk of money to spend on new ones. I know. What a jerk right? Now I can’t call him Cheap Bastard for at least another week.

Are there any other Moms out there who struggle with spending money on themselves over spending it on their kids or giving it to charity or saving it for a rainy day? Because I do this everytime I get some money.

For instance, I need a new winter coat. Actually, I’ve needed one for the last three years, but I’ve managed with the one I had with the broken zipper because how many times in a winter does someone living on the Wet Coast have to do up their jacket? Ahem. Anyways, a new coat would cost me up to $150 (or more, I know, but I can’t spend more than that) so I end up thinking of all the STUFF I could buy the kids with that money. I could buy Adam a coat. And new runners. I could buy Andie a coat. And new pants. I could buy Ashley a coat, but I won’t because I already did (shhhh, don’t tell). I could buy her some new underwear though. Or jeans.

But that’s what I mean. I feel really guilty about having some money to spend on myself. I won’t lie, I’m dying to spend it. I have a list. I know what I want. I’ve made a budget, down to the PST and GST (hey! I’m gonna get my money’s worth!)

…I’m just going to have a hard time walking past the children’s department without picking something up. Do you ever do this?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Yup. I get that money for myself guilt BIG TIME.

    But sometimes, you’ve got to do it. Chalk it up to long term investment into your well-being, and thus, your kids’ well-being. ‘Cause ultimately, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


  2. I’ve added your blog to my list of favorite blogs. I couldn’t think of a one liner for you, so you got stuck with “Canadian Idot.” I hope you won’t be offended by that. BTW, I lived in Alberta for a year & 1/2 myself. Stuck mostly in Cardston… I fell in love with Waterton. That place is to die for!


  3. I totally get the mom guilt…

    Sometimes for sanity’s sake we need to take some time for ourselves and just do it. It’s not like your treating yourself to things everyday… all the time. Get yourself a nice outfit, a good coat and your emotional state just feels better 🙂


  4. I always, always, ALWAYS have the mommy guilt. It’s extremely difficult to spend money on myself. My biggest splurge? My stash of diet crack.. er. Diet Coke, that the kids can’t touch. That’s it. You are definitely not alone in this one.


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