Her Bad Auction

I’ve just finished buying my tickets for Her Bad Auction. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Tis the season to give. In honor of Her Bad Mother and her nephew Tanner, we are raffling off over 30 amazing items to help raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Research.

This is a series of raffles in order to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Research. You pick which item(s) you want to win and we’ll draw one winner at random for each item.

You know, I was just casually checking the site and the prizes out. And I knew already that I was going to enter some of the draws because, good cause? Uh, yep. But then I spied this. Oh sweet mother of pearl! Real live genuine Coach! In lilac! Real live genuine Coach in lilac! I have never hit the paypal button with such fervor. If no-one will buy procrastamom a new one (what? that price is totally reasonable…if I had three full-time jobs) then maybe I could win one. Coooooaaaaa-cha!

And if that wasn’t enough to make you go SQUEEEE (cause maybe you anti-Coach or something equally unbelievable to me), they are also raffling a complete blog redesign by the lovely and lucious Karen Rani of Troll Baby Graphics. Because if there’s anything this dowdy blog needs, it’s an EXTREME makeover. I’ve long suspected that the reason I don’t get many comments around here is not necessarily due to the poor writing or that I smell funky or that my mother dresses me funny. No, I think it’s more like people are busily flushing their eyes under the kitchen tap after reading here…screaming “MY EYES! THEY BURN! WHY? WHY MUST SHE USE A STOCK WORDPRESS TEMPLATE? WHY???!!!” So, I’m praying to Santa and his elves that they’ll grant me my wish and let me win the blog redo. Regardless, I think some renos need to happen around procrastamom in 2007 and I love Karen’s work, so I’ll have to see if I can get the funds together to get things spiced up a bit here.

They’re also auctioning off a whole wack of other great prizes like handmade items, art, t-shirts, the cutest sock monkey evah (you know if sock monkeys had a “world’s best” category of their own and all), gift baskets, etc. Every red cent goes to MD Canada…every single one. I hope you’ll check it out and have some fun trying to win prizes, while helping to support a great cause.

check it out. (but maybe don’t put too many of your tickets in on the Coach bag or the Blog redo, cause uhmm…those prizes are poisonous. Yeah, that’s it. POISON!

P.S. Thanks for the comments on my last post (love the comments about my supporting the murdering of trees…ha). It’s not often that I get five on one post (because maybe your eyes are burning?). Regardless, I want you all to know how much I appreciate the feedback and that I love you all more than cheese. Because cheese is good dammit, but I love my readers more!


4 responses to this post.

  1. ohhh I love me a good auction….I always spend way too much $$ if my hubby ever looked at my credit card statement he would be like what the hell is all this weird name then ebay written beside it???? um me no know? hope you get your purse! tis cute!


  2. Thank you SO MUCH for spreading the word, Vicki!

    And – I had already blown the raffle-ticket budget when the Coach bag came online! So I won’t begrudge you that prize. But, BUT… I want that blog makeover. OR the sock monkey. Grrrr.


  3. Going full-time as an eBay seller is living the dream: making a real income, working from home, being your own boss and all the rest of it.


  4. Google is the best search engine


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