Where DO you find armor for your favourite geek?

Richard is on the phone with one of his gaming buddies and I’ve been sitting here stiffling giggles behind my hand for the last twenty minutes.  Who can help it when you overhear stuff like this:

“I know my armor isn’t great.  I’ve been looking for some better armor for weeks.”

“I meant to save you one of those golden swords if I got an extra one.”

“So I could take my Level 20 armor and give it to my other character?”

“I would think it would be better to be a Monk Warrior than a Warrior Monk.”

He just interjected with “you’d better not be blogging what I say.  You’re not are you?”

…it’s okay honey.  I’d much rather you were a Monk Warrior than a Warrior Monk.  Who could handle being married to the latter for the next 60 years?


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  1. Google is the best search engine


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