We. Homeowners.

When I was twelve I got my hair cut into some really funky style. I was so excited to show it to my best friend that I told her on the phone that I had a surprise for her when she picked me up to walk to school. I remember being scolded by my Mom for getting BF’s hopes up about really nothing at all. Sure, I was excited about the change in my appearance, but how much would it affect her? What if she was headed over to the house expecting some sort of gift? Wouldn’t she be let down by the fact that the surprise I’d promised her was just a haircut?

All this to say that our “Sousing Hituation” has changed…but it hasn’t. And no, my head isn’t so inflated that I think you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the news.

(but that signbot thingy was really cool and I needed an excuse to use it. I’ll probably find other excuses for it in the coming months: *LUNCHTIME!* *LOOK AT ME!* *OVER HERE!* *I HEART ME!* *I JUST STAPLED SOMETHING!* *WORLD’S BEST MOM!*)

So we got a mortgage. On a house. Half a house actually. As a matter of fact it’s the house we already live in. We got a mortgage on half of the house we already live in…the other party on the other half being my Mom and Dad.

“But Vicky,” you may say, “doesn’t living with your parents cause you to lock yourself in the laundry room on the weekends, crying over odd socks and drinking Tide (Now With Advanced Cleaning Agents!)?

Why yes, yes it does. That is why we have all agreed to RENOVATE FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING LIFE BETTER.

In the coming months we will slowly be moving our stuff upstairs into the bigger part of the house and my parents will be moving down. They’ll start with a small kitchen that they can use for breakfasts and lunches and we’ll continue to all eat dinners together in the main kitchen. Eventually we’ll renovate the basement into their own apartment with full working kitchen, so that we can all live separately.

While this is by no means the perfect sitation (perfect being buying a move-in-ready mansion on the mountain overlooking our current location), this is a really good compromise for me. We will not be living in a van down by the river and we won’t be putting money into someone else’s pocket by renting. We will now have a front door with which to greet our guests without the view of my parents lounging in their Lazyboys and we’ll have a decent space with which to invite said guests into our home. You know, for tea parties and orgies and such. I have already noticed a shift in my emotional state (from Tide-drinking loonie back to regular crazy person) as I haven’t cried once in two whole weeks.

(except that one night when Richard wouldn’t give me the remote and he was flicking and flicking and flicking and I wanted to watch that show! You idiot from hell! But that was more hormones than anything else)

The real fun starts now and in the coming months as we begin to move people around like a 6000 piece puzzle whilst painting and finishing bathrooms and painting and installing cabinets and painting. And maybe putting up an impassable brick wall between my place and my Mom’s.


(and not)

Watch this space for new scrolling signs hinting at the renovation fun!







5 responses to this post.

  1. let me be the first to congratulate you on your sousing hituation being resolved! sounds like a wise and about time plan!!! paint and alcohol is a fun mix! never tried it with tide too…but that might just come!


  2. Sounds like the perfect plan – good luck with the renos! And the concept of having your Very Own Kitchen!


  3. Oooo, now I think I’m going to be addicted to the Signbot thingy! Yet another thing to play with on the internet!
    Thanks for the laugh. I like the *I JUST STAPLED SOMETHING* sign the best. I think I’ll make one that says *I JUST WIPED A HINEY! AND IT WASN’T MINE!* (or maybe that would be TMI…who knows?)


  4. Huzzah! (and hey, I’m the fourth commenter. It must be a January trend.) So glad to hear that you are getting some forward movement on the sousing hituation. Hope that Home Depot can really get you soused up!


  5. Hey, congrats! Sounds like a workable solution. But… how did you come to it? How did you convince your ‘rents? WHERE IS THE BACKSTORY, WOMAN?? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Maybe I missed something.


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