It all started with a talking muffin.

Actually, it all started with this post on Melissa’s Buzz Off. Adam is slowly learning to appreciate (and tell) a good joke, so when I found that post full of really funny clean jokes for kids we sat down and read through all of them together. His favourite one, which he tells with the perfect amount of enunciation in all the right places, was this:

There’s a batch of muffins in the oven. One muffin turns to another and says, “man! Is it hot in here!” The other muffin says, “AAAHHH! A talking muffin!”

(my favourite one was: “What’s green and has 18 wheels? Grass, I lied about the wheels.” Which? Is so freaking hilarious to me that I can’t even describe it. I literally choke with laughter as I tell it. And most people stare back with confused looks or blank expressions. Why? Because they are humourless. Tell me you possess a small funny bone and that you laughed…please?)

Anyways, all three kids were totally in love with the muffin joke for a couple of weeks. The fantastic reactions they got from others upon telling it were like crack. Euphoria inducing and highly addictive (unlike the flat reception I got from the telling of the grass joke…which drove me to take Prozac). Then Ashley fell upon this video on Youtube. I’m not sure whether someone at school brought it to her attention or whether she just happend to type “muffins” into the search at Youtube. Because that had been the single most important thing on her mind for the previous 14 days.

This video has been viewed almost six million times – it was only at 200,000 hits before my kids found it – and for good reason. It is shit-kickin hilarious (Calgary Girl utters SHIT-KICKIN! Reveals her roots. More at six!)!!

It actually reminds me of a Kids in the Hall skit. These characters could easily be played by Bruce McCullough and Mark McKinney. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their inspiration.

Oh, and nobody in our house says banana the normal way anymore. We all say BUNAAAAANA!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Yikes! That is funny and disturbing at the same time. Although I’d be in better shape if I was eating imaginary muffins for breakfast…

    BTW, I laughed at the grass joke.


  2. That was a funny video! Oh, and I too laughed at the grass video…but my husband looked at me like I was nuts. I’ve always known he was slightly humorless!


  3. Grass joke: awesome.

    Video: wasn’t funny until “asbestos I can!” Hahahahahahaha!


  4. my 6 year old thought that video was hilarious, she wants to watch it again! I really need to learn how to get videos to play on my blog, I have a video of Faith being followed by a puppy and it was pulling her pants down! so funny!


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