I didn’t like watching football at all until about three years ago. In fact, I had no idea how it was played, why it was played or why anyone would want to watch a bunch of guys wrestle around on a field and occassionally throw a funny shaped ball. I didn’t know what a DOWN was, what a TOUCHDOWN was, what a FIELD GOAL was. Richard would ask me to sit down with him to watch, promising to teach me all about this mystery game. I would just get frustrated with the myriad of rules and go read a book.

Soccer I could understand. Kick the ball in the goal, get a point. Easy.

Hockey I could understand (go Flames go!). Shoot the puck in the net. Simple.

Baseball I got. Hit the ball, run four bases. Point! Basic.

Football? Three tries to run 10 yards? Kick the ball through the uprights for three points, but only if it wasn’t following a touchdown, because then you only get one point? Huh? And say what?

It’s safe to say I HATED football, because I didn’t understand it, until three years ago. That’s when I finally sat down and committed to learning the game by asking many, many, many questions of my husband as we watched*. Questions and comments that really frustrated the crap out of him:

Vicky: Boy, it’s a good thing they have those little hats on to protect their heads when they fall.

Richard: Those are called HELMETS ! HEL. METS !

Vicky: Oh helmets. Cute!

Richard: There’s no cute in football.

Vicky: Sure there is. The colours on their outfits are cute!

Richard: UNIFORMS !

Vicky: Oh look! They’re having a little meeting on the field!

Richard: HUDDLE !

Vicky: Oh! Oh! He just ran in and scored a goal!

Richard: TOUCHDOWN !

Vicky: That pennyman is sure a good thrower.


So yeah, eventually I learned the correct terminology and the rules of the game. Well, most of them anyways. I still don’t know what a “Safety” is or what it looks like, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out…maybe next season.

That first year of football learnin, I fell in love with “my team”. Maybe it was the cute little blue horseshoe on their hats or the crisp white and blue on their outfits. Maybe it was because it was the only team that I could identify two whole players on…Manning and Vanderjet (Vanderjet = now gone).  Maybe it was the way their cute little bums would stick out during their meetings.

Or maybe it was the way they KICKED ASS everytime I saw them play.

“My team” won yesterday.

…and my favourite pennyman finally got his Superbowl ring. 

(*Also, it never hurts to have good food available, like nachos, when you are learning the game. Oh and Coke. And ice cream. And chocolate.)


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  1. Posted by Viewsfromtwo on February 5, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Hooray Colts! It’s been a hard few years to be a die hard Colts fan, but yesterday made it all worth it!
    I love football (and have been watching for years – thanks to a patient dad, who like your husband answered all my questions), but I’ve never been more excited or nervous during a Superbowl.
    Yesterday’s game made all the heartbreaks from the previous seasons worth every minute. (As well as made up for all the taunting I get from my husband and friends for liking the Colts.) Poo on them – my Colts have their win!


  2. my hubby likes the Bears, I could care less! I have watched with him from time to time over the years cuz he owns the remote so…..I asked questions all the time but I don’t get it either!! and
    WHAT about the flames????
    come on!
    I know you are from Calgary but
    you live here now
    go Canucks go!!!!


  3. Hooray for the Colts!! All the men at the party we attended made fun of us girls for getting teary-eyed during the pre-game stuff about Peyton and his dad and his brothers. I’m sure you didn’t cry like a wussy girl, but those littel vignettes were so sweet. 🙂 Hee.


  4. mt sentiments exactly!. I kno nuffin about Football to this day. At my age I will never comprehend it, so I have given up…Basketball is cool…


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