I have found the promised land…and it is Hersheys

Hersheys Cherry KissesI just tasted my first Hershey’s Cherry Kiss and I have to say that any minute speck of virginity I might of had left is GONE!

(get it? it popped my cherry? ha, ha! erm…heh)

(I’m funny to ME and that’s all that counts)

I immediately Googled this blessed confection and found out that the cherry kisses are a LIMITED EDITION chocolate kiss filled with Cherry Cordial Creme.

CHERRY ! ! YUM ! !


I guess others must feel this way though because one candy lover has put up a petition to get Hersheys to sell them in stores year round. I signed it.

(you should too, even if you haven’t tried them yet. You don’t like cherries, you say? Sign it for me then, an unweird-cause-I-don’t-hate-cherries-and-how-normal-can-you-really-be-if-you-hate-cherries-you-must-kick-puppies-in-your-spare-time-too person. Do it for the CHILDREN ! ! Do it for the PUPPIES ! !)

I am off now to fill my pockets with the reamining chocolates in the bowl and then find the kind donor who put these delights in the lunchroom.

…and shake them down until they confess as to where they purchased them, so I can spend my entire next paycheque filling up the back of my van with cherry kisses in preparation for the nuclear winter to follow until they come out in stores again next Valentines Day.


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