I highly recommend your local bowling alley for a birthday party.  Heck, I highly recommend your local BACK-ALLEY for a birthday party.  Anywhere that the kids can spend a couple of hours running, screaming and eating and you don’t have to have your house professionally cleaned afterwards!

The kids had a great time and Richard and I were so relaxed.  Our “cupcake cake” from Safeway was a big hit too.  Strangers were coming over and commenting on what a great idea it was.  33 cupcakes iced to look like one big cake.  And no knife required.

Happy Birthday My Nine Year Old Boy!


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  1. OMG – I just saw those cupcake cakes today at Safeway and considered them for the kidlet’s birthday thingie at preschool next week, but uh, 33 cupcakes may be a little overkill for 13 kids… awesome idea though!


  2. that is a great idea! I have been doing cup cakes or ice cream cakes now for a while, totally easier! and I love not having parties at my house too, way easier, can you tell I like easy, wish those easy commercials were true!


  3. Bowling alleys are awesome. When I was 18, I worked at one and hosted the birthday parties. The kids loved showing off by skidding around in those stupid bowling shoes.

    Is it really sad that I had cupcakes for my college graduation? I hate store bought cake, so we made cupcakes and put one letter on each cupcake spelling out Congratulations, College Grad.



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