In his own words

As per usual, Adam got spoiled rotten on his birthday by his grandparents.  My Mom and Dad got him his own five-pin bowling balls, engraved with his initials.  They are a swirled marble, yellow and purple in colour and the first day he got them he asked if he could roll one in the house to try out the feel of them.  We said okay, but JUST THIS ONCE!  There is now a significant dent in the bottom of the bathroom door.  One more thing in our list of renovation projects.

Granny & Poppa (Richard’s Mom & Stepdad) got Adam a membership to Club Penguin, which pretty much trumped every other gift he had ever gotten in his lifetime.  Never mind that I had spent nine uncomfortable months making sure I ate the healthiest variety of vitamin rich foods and abstaining from the best kinds of alcohol, and then four additional hours pushing his eight pound self out of my aching hoo-ha!  Seriously, where’s the value in the gift of breathing when you can have your own pixelated virtual pet adorned in a tuxedo?  He has his own igloo, Mom…duh!

Richard’s Dad sent money and because we only see him about once a year, we thought it would be a good idea for Adam to write a thank-you letter to Grandpa.  He also sent a card that was perfect for our son, as Adam is in love with the idea of limousines.  He thinks every one that passes him by contains some measure of famous person and has decided that when he grows up his first car will be a limousine.   That pulls a tent trailer.

Here’s what the letter says:

Dear Grampa,

When I was cleaning today I herd the male and rushed to it bill, bill, bill, Adam, I asked Dad If I could open it sure. I opened it and didn’t notice the limo Horse and saw fitty bucks! (smiley face)

And then I saw the limo Horse and the writing inside. My point is thank you so much. Oh and did I tell you dad didn’t let me use my money until the letter was written so I rushed for paper and started.

Anyways thank you again.


…isn’t it obvious, we don’t get the award for the best gift because we make him clean and we couldn’t afford it anyways, seeing as we have many collectors after us (bill, bill, bill).


8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh lord, but he’s a cute kid. That letter is priceless…bill bill bill Adam. LOVE IT! One for the baby book, for sure.


  2. Absolutely Lin! Before I mailed it, I brought it to work and photocopied it. There will be many stories to tell when that kid gets married.


  3. ok that is priceless!


  4. […] presents In his own words posted at Procrastamom, saying, “My son, having just had his ninth birthday, wrote a […]


  5. How cute. And how true!! What a funny kid. And what a great Grandpa. Love the photo.


  6. “and we have many collectors after us” OH MY GAWED this made me Laugh! Love your Blog, have already linked you!


  7. I LOVE THIS. Kids are so awesome. So are Grandpas. Thanks for linking it on BlogHer!


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