On Teenagers

After reading Grace’s breaking news this morning, I was inspired to reprint a post that I wrote way back in October 2005. I love having friends in the blogosphere who are going through some of the same things as I am because their kids are the same age. Grace, Girl, I can sooo relate.

This was written and originally posted on my old blog, Desperate To Be A Housewife, when I was still using pseudonyms. I have edited it here to make it easier to follow.


Something Weird Happened Monday Morning…

While dropping Ashley off at school the other day, an odd thing happened. Perhaps I should say a REALLY odd thing happened. An event of epic proportions never before seen by a parent with a teenager on this green earth.

Ashley and Nita got out of the van with their usual, “thanks for the ride Mrs. Bach” and “thanks Mom!” Then they joined their friends that were just getting out of the truck in front of me. Because there was too much traffic in the parking lot for me to pull out immediately, I kind of just sat and watched the girls for a moment. Not to say I dared to look directly at them for more than about 2 seconds each…didn’t want to break parent/teen code [EEW6.4(a)]…but as I was glancing at Ashley’s friend Maggie who had just joined them…MAGGIE TURNED AROUND AND WAVED AT ME!!!

Now, Maggie is a great kid…a brilliant soccer player, a very talented singer (I’ll be there in line after her parents to buy her first single) and a beautiful girl. What I didn’t know about Maggie was her propensity to be lured by “the Dark Side”. I mean waving at a friend’s parent…an old person…in broad daylight? Was she not aware of this completely unacceptable social faux pas?

I’m only telling you this because I was made aware of the “waving” rule [NOT89.1(d)] very early in Ashley’s teen years…Grade 6 to be exact. I picked her up from school one day and the following conversation ensued:

Ashley getting into the van: “Don’t EVER wave at me again!”

Me: “What? I waved because I thought you didn’t see me.”

I saw you!

But you looked like you were looking all over the place for me. You walked by the van three times!

I saw you just fine. I was trying to ignore you…especially after you waved! You shouldn’t do that to me Mom, it’s embarrassing!

Does this mean the matching sweaters I just bought for you and me are out of the question?

Eew Mom, NO!

What about me picking you up from school in my housecoat and curlers? Is that out? Could we hold hands and skip maybe sometime? Or, next time you can’t find me, I could roll down the window and yell, “Over here Little Lamb!!!”

Oh my god…you are so weird…

So, you see, I’m totally schooled on the “waving” rule. There’s nothing like having a teenager to encourage you to bring yourself up to code.

Anyways, back to Maggie…after the initial shock of being waved at, then turning around a full 180 degrees in my seat to check that she wasn’t, in fact, waving at someone else (let’s see…cabdriver? nope, not him…geeky science teacher? nope…must be me then), I turned and waved back. Just one of those little, limp-wristed, dead fish waves. Just so I actually acknowledged she’d seen me…but not so enthusiastic that I embarrassed her…I mean, she’d just outed herself…Maggie the Pariah…who was I to make it worse?

My question is this. Do I call her parents and report this odd behaviour? Suggest intervention? Therapy? Because if it were Ashley I’d want to know…


My blog finally got listed on the Top Momma site. I submitted my link a couple of weeks ago and it takes a while for people to get bumped off the list, so that your link can be put on top. The idea is you post a compelling picture on the home page of their site and get lots of traffic from people who click the picture. This is the zinger I used:

adam demanding

Unfortunately, you can’t read what the talk bubble says on the Top Momma web page, but I think the picture is frightening enough in the first place to demand that you click over NOW, yo!

(Welcome Top Momma readers. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee…beware my wild animal son.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. So nice to meet another normal mom. I am an of and on blogger and loved just dropping in…my suggestion on Grace’s hand waving crisis is that it very possibly was a fleeting moment of the adolescent girl reverting to her more ‘neanderthal’ childish days when she actually loved liked adults was not afraid to display affection and respect publicly…a moment she may very likely not even realize she reverted to…and would be aghast if anyone dared questioned her on it…HA HA…thanks for the laugh.


  2. Precisely why I am here. The picture scared me into it!

    But I’m glad it did. I’ve enjoyed your blog! Our son hit the “I don’t have any earthly parents stage” when he was 11. I can SO identify!

    Stop my blog and meet a bazillion of my best friends for the Ultimate Blog Party. The menu is, um…well, it’s…interesting. Yeah. Interesting.


  3. My mom still wants to buy me pink sweaters with kitty-cats on them covered in white and silver sparkles. I’m sure she would want one for herself too… Haha…


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