I was formula fed and I’m smrt!

Because I’m trying to show others that the issues you rant and rave about now aren’t going to matter all that much later, I present for your entertainment the original artwork of Victoria Hellen Bach:

The Breastfeeding VS. Formula debate

Scene: Highschool. Between classes. Two of the “popular” girls reflect:





2 responses to this post.

  1. I saw your comment on Mandajuice and that is how I got to you. I really want to breastfeed my children just because in my family its just what we do. However, as a feminist I above all other things respect and defend a woman’s right to choose what works best for her.

    I really agree with you that this shouldn’t be one of those things that woman tear each other up for. It’s rediculous. I also will most likely be adopting my child so obviously I won’t be breastfeeding. Does that mean my child will be automatically more emotional stunted and uninelligent than other students? Absolutely not.

    I was breastfeed from birth to about a year and I have emotional/social issues aplenty and I had terrible grades in school. My siblings were also all breastfeed and we are all unique and share none of the same outstanding traits. I think the way that we support and love and inspire our children is what matters most.

    You know though, my 2 and a half year old neice was formula fed and she isn’t very good with colors. So maybe they’re right! (j/k)

    Loved the comic btw.


  2. I love this comic! You should post on Maya’s Mom too!! 🙂 haha


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